Leather Accessories To Complete Your Look

Successfully accessorizing an outfit lets you show off your unique style, whether it’s a pair of gloves in the winter, or an attractive weekend bag for a city break in the sun. Leather is both long-lasting and synonyms with style, offering a timeless look that will see you through the ages, so grab a leather jacket to show off your rebellious side, an embossed wallet or even a pair of snug-fitting shoes. Leather accessories are the statement you need that, if well cared for, can last you a lifetime.

Essential Leather Accessories






Smaller Accessories – Easy to Handle

At the smaller end of the scale, leather accessories such as wallets, watches, and diaries offer an everyday essential with a bit of luxury. A watch can tell you a lot about a man so choosing a leather strap with elegant stitching shows that you appreciate the finer things. Leather accessories are also a great gift option. We’re all fed up with socks or ties, so why not treat someone on a special birthday with a high quality, personalized gift such as a monogrammed wallet, that they’ll treasure forever? Better still, leather wallets never go out of style, and are great for helping keep some organization in an otherwise busy life. ​

It’s easy to keep leather looking good as new with a few care tips, like leather conditioning every six to nine months to keep the glossy shine. It’s also advisable to keep leather away from direct sunlight. Wardrobe accessories such as belts or gloves should be stored flat, to avoid misshaping, the same is true for bags. It’s easy to restore your leather to its original beauty, repairing small tears of scratches with leather glue, or if you’ve managed to lose some weight, buy a leather hole punch to add extra notches on your best leather belt to keep wearing it forever.

Larger Accessories – Jackets and Bags

Leather clothing comes in all shapes and sizes, from pants to shoes, but the jacket is one of the most iconic. You don’t need to be a biker to pull off the look. You can choose from the distressed, rugged look or a more sophisticated supple leather. Find the jacket that suits your frame, choose the right cut, decide whether you want zipped pockets like a traditional Racer or you want to emulate the military with a Flight jacket, and you’re good to go. The most fashionable men know that a bag leaves a lasting impression, and leather bags come in all shapes and sizes. Leather messenger bags are perfect for taking to and from the office, with separate compartments for easy access to documents, laptops and all your other valuables, while not compromising on style. Larger bags, such as weekend bags or backpacks are strong and durable, designed to withstand even the most hectic schedule. Experiment with color, shape and finish. Maybe you prefer a more classic look, so go for a traditional black or mahogany. Leather is versatile. You can choose whether it’s a standout piece or a subtle compliment to an already sleek outfit.

With so much to choose from, treat yourself to a leather accessory that will stand the test of time.