Well: an unconstructed blazer is like the stripped-down, sleek version of your regular suit jacket. It ditches all the usual fancy stuff like inner lining, extra padding, canvas, and other bells and whistles you’d normally find in a suit. Instead, it keeps it cool and simple. 

Now, what’s up with constructed jackets? Imagine a jacket as a 3D masterpiece, there’s the fabric on the outside, the lining on the inside (that you can see), and sandwiched in between is the interlining. When we talk about half, full canvas, or fused constructions for jackets, we’re talking about that interlining magic. Now, onto the unconstructed blazer, the rebel of the blazer family. 

This one’s all about being laid-back and comfortable while still looking cool, it’s less rigid, often without shoulder pads or heavy lining, it’s like your best friend’s blazer you can just throw on without overthinking it. Unconstructed blazers are awesome for a more relaxed vibe, like a casual night out, a beach wedding, or a brunch with friends, it’s a way of looking effortlessly stylish without even trying too hard. 

What is a constructed jacket? Consider the jacket’s construction in three dimensions: the outer fabric and inner lining, both visible, and the interlining that lies between them that you cannot see. It is the interlining material which is being referred to when we speak of half, full canvas or fused constructions for jackets.

 Now, how do you wear a constructed blazer or jacket? Well, that’s the fun part. You can go all business mode with a slick dress shirt or keep it weekend-ready with a trendy t-shirt, and pair it up with some stylish chinos and either loafers or double monk strap shoes for that classy touch. This combo is like wearing separates but with the same swag, and for a more casual feel, we’d suggest layering your tailored jacket over a white T-shirt or bowling shirt while adding some subtle, silver-toned jewellery for a smart image of your smartest everyday wear. When the calendar calls for a more dress-code-friendly look, however, go for matching or complimentary hues to keep things traditional and think about pairing your blazer with tailored trousers.

 In a nutshell, constructed blazers bring structure and formality, while unconstructed blazers keep things easy-breezy and casual. It all boils down to where you’re heading and the vibe you want to rock. So next time you’re choosing your blazer game, consider the occasion and how you want to slay the fashion game!