LCM SS15 – Street Style Looks

In our previous LCM article we covered our favourite looks from the catwalks over the last three days. London Collection: Men are a great place to get style inspiration, but this influence is not just confined to the catwalks. The streets of London are packed with the some of the most stylish men in the world and we captured them as they arrived and departed the numerous shows all over London. We’re going to break down those looks for you now and show you how to get them.

Shaun Gordon, Tie-maker

street 1

Shaun Gordon, a definite modern day dandy gave us all a schooling on how to put together different colours and bold pieces. Always one for the finer details, Shaun’s look on day one was absolutely flawless. Crimson trousers paired with a white blazer, a tonal shirt, waistcoat and tie combo that tied in with his hat, all finished off with a beautiful pair of two tone shoes. Absolute summer perfection.

richard cashmere blazerbennett leg jeansmixer young waistcoats

pinstripe cotton shirtsskull mcqueen tiesleather george brogues

Nas Abraham, Artist

street 2

Tailoring paired with T-shirts is something we saw a lot of at LCM, and a trend that is taking off for summer. One of the finer examples was Nas Abrahams look on day one. A great navy suit, perfectly tailored, set off perfectly with a crisp white t-shirt and a great bag which accented his belt and shoes. We salute you Nas.

single pierre blazerjoshi pleat trousers

bless neck teeswant les essentialswilliam lobb shoes

Tom Stubbs, Stylist & Writer

street 3

As a stylist, we would expect Mr. Stubbs to deliver and deliver he did, every day he showed off his knowledge of tailoring and how to put together the perfect outfit. Day two’s showing of a lightweight three piece paired with a t-shirt and scarf we loved, but we particularly liked the navy blazer, light trousers and scarf combo he pulled out on day three, a perfect relaxed but sharp look.

lexington reidparadise scarfs

sunspel short teeflat matches trouserswallace bailey brown

Terry Donovan, Founder Sartorial 7

street 4

One of London’s most finely dressed gentlemen. Terry’s look from day two was our favourite of his, and an LCM highlight. A tonal masterclass with different shades of blue bringing the outfit together. The socks match the tie, the pocket square ties in with the trousers, the check blazer mixes up the polka dot pattern and makes sure the shirt doesn’t contrast too much with the rest of the outfit, and finally the shoes match the bag. This is how you dress gentlemen. Absolute sartorial perfection.

windowpane jacketshuxley white shirtstailored saturn

polka asser tiesbelvoir derbprinted mario socks

Phil Green, Menswear Specialist Farfetch

street 5

Another MFM ‘best looks’ stalwart, Mr. Phil Green picked the perfect look for the hot weather on Day 3. A beautiful lightweight suit paired with sneakers, a great document holder and glasses, proved to be one of the best looks of day three. This should be a look for every gent this summer, and a schooling in how to look smart but relaxed.

satie cotton suitswhite jack purcell

garment dye teesfurguson browndouble zip folio

Marcus Jaye, The Chic Geek

street 6

Mr Marcus ‘The Chic Geek’ Jaye, showed us how to expertly spice up a navy suit. It would be easy to pair his already stellar combo with a white shirt, but here, he shows us how going with a heavily patterned shirt can work wonders when used as the focal point of an outfit. Killer shades finish the look off.

folk navy jacketssuit folk trousers

twill eton shirtsblack porter tiesround frame illestiva

Kieron Watts, Personal Shopper

street 7

We loved Kieron’s choice of unusually darker hues. We saw a lot of tonal outfits at LCM but very few where the tone was as dark as Mr. Watts. When sticking with one or two colours for an outfit, it’s the details that really lifts the look, just look at the bandana, sunglasses and perfectly placed hat. A great look from that will lead you through day and night.

balenciagas jacketsnew laurent shirts

zee gee coatedwide brim triblysfoldable sunglasses

Oliver Cheshire, Model

street 8

For day three, most attendees adjusted accordingly to the weather. Oliver Cheshire managed to look relaxed, comfortable yet super stylish. We’ve already spoken about focal points for outfits, and with this look it’s clear to see the focal point is the great bomber/Harrington jacket. Keeping it simple with some lighter denim, white shirt and loafers that anchor the look thanks to the similar tones in his sunglasses, is so easy and makes it a great look for those warm summer afternoons.

drone sleeves shirtsgodfrey shoes

hem denim jeansmens ymc jacketslinda dframes

A Final Note…

LCM is a great way to get inspiration from both the catwalks and the street. Team MFM had their eyes open, checking out all the new trends and styles that are emerging. This doesn’t have to be limited to a fashion week though, nowadays the streets are full of great style and looks. Keep your eyes peeled, you may just find something worth taking inspiration from.