Ladies Lingerie For Valentines Day

With valentines day fast approaching, it’s a time for panic for the male gender. Lets face it, even some of the best romantics of the male species probably still don’t value valentines day as they should, due to the amount of hype built around one day along with of course the high expectations from the other half.

Buying a present always seems to be difficult on Valentines, due to the vast selection and the last minute preparations. Therefore, this article here will help with your advanced planning and will aid to tackle one of the hardest gifts to buy… lingerie on

We’ve teamed up with leading global lifestyle brand Princesse Tam Tam, who focus solely on women’s lingerie, swimwear and homewear. With a philosophy of “giving women the freedom to be themselves,” they’re doing the hard work for you this Valentines day, calculate bra size in inches when you go to buy tour lingerie.

They’ve devised a Valentines gift guide, which separates their vast selection into 4 trends. Decide between a selection perfect for a chic and sensual princess, a cocooning princess for the cozy type, a feline princess and of course a seductive princess.

Princess Tam Tam Valentines Day
They’ve really done the hard work for you, separating their vast selection into 4 trends. What trend suits your partner? Simply view the trend to see the selection of lingerie that the experts at Princesse Tam Tam have chosen for each personality. View the guide here.

The prices are affordable which is always a bonus for us gents, but they don’t lack in quality.┬áThe easy-to-wear pieces make maximum use of the fabrics (devore jersey, crepe, silk, cashmere, microfibre, lace etc.) and play with colours, styles, body shapes and preferences.

Pre Plan

Now the valentines gift guide put together by Princesse Tam Tam is of huge help. But the majority of gents still have a bit more pre planning to consider before purchasing. In a nutshell, here’s a few things to always consider.

  • Know your sizing – Don’t guess, when the other half is out take a look at the sizes of lingerie she wears the most. Do it quick, don’t make a mess and make sure you’re not expecting visitors. If you buy a bigger size, you’re asking for trouble, she’ll feel fat. Buy a smaller size, you’re asking for trouble, she’ll think you’re having an affair.
  • Know your fabrics – What fabrics does she wear the most? If your wife of 10 years is allergic to silk and you buy her silk underwear, you’ll be in the doghouse for months.
  • Know your colours – What colours does she wear a lot of? What colour makes her look good and makes her feel comfortable?
  • Don’t let her know you had help – Don’t admit to her you did research, make out buying lingerie for your loved one is natural. She’ll say you know her too well and you’ll be allowed an extra night out with your mates in February.

It couldn’t be simpler. To check out the full range, and to view the Valentines guide, visit Princesse Tam Tam.

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