KURU – Slip on sneakers – from Monday to Friday and casual in between

Not every guy wants sneakers that have no laces and that’s ok, but sometimes you should just, you know try. It can be a good feeling when you can rush out the door and not have to spend 10 minutes undoing your laces because you were too lazy to undo them when you got home.

If you have a busy day, when you have a million miles to cover on your smartwatch, or you have a run-around day in the office, then maybe the only sane solution is a more comfortable pair of shoes. We’re talking about more cushioning with bouncier soles, and for you guys that need to cut the morning, afternoon and even evening minutes, slip on sneakers are the easiest shoes to pull on when you’re running out the door, and trust us when we say if you’re looking for comfort then these shoes will give your whole foot, from arch, heel and ankle, unbelievable comfort.

Still, making sneakers looking work appropriate is a style challenge capable of bewildering even the most experienced dressers. So, we’re talking about a pair of sneakers that are cool enough and yet smart enough to be worn virtually anywhere. They will look cool with jeans, chinos and even make a casual slim-fit suit infinitely cooler. Figuring how to wear slip-on sneakers with your jeans or trousers, the most important part is to nail the hem of your pants, a little ankle is required for getting the most mileage out of your slip-on kicks. As if your hem is too long or wide the finished look will take away the sleekeness of not only your style but the sneakers.

Every Kuru sneaker features three amazing layers of built-in tech designed for all day comfort, and in a shoe you actually may be wearing all day, it’s pretty important that comfort.

KURUCLOUD: a lightweight EVA foam delivers superior shock-absorbing cushion with each step, and this in turn supports the foot in all the right places, helping to relieve pain in your feet, they’re the first—-and the best. KURUSOLE: that has responsive technology that dynamically flexes to hug and protect your heels.

ULTIMATE INSOLE: that gives a contour with dual density foam that will provide your feet with superior=r arch support. 

The Kuru atom sneaker comes with a few important differences that will make them stand out and an even better slip-on than its contemporary counterparts, the sneakers are engineered with a top-layer of triple-layer support, and their advanced Novaknit material allows ample airflow, right through the day, all day long. Your feet will feel liberated in these sneakers! So these shoes are the perfect partners for your feet, you can wear them all day and perfect for everyday wear.

And the KURU classic lace-free silhouette isn’t just easy to wear, it’s also a great solution for common style dilemmas like easily getting through airport security and packing for a great vacation when there’s no dress code.

Happy days!

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