Key Item: Mens Leather Jackets

Today at MFM, we’re going to be covering a key item which has been popular for as long as we can remember. We are of course talking about the importance of leather, and highlighting the leather jacket and how to implement it into our modern day wardrobe. For the past few seasons designers and retailers have tried to reinvent classic designs and cuts, and there’s one retailer in particular which has seemed to stride ahead of the rest.

A lot of gent’s get put off by the idea of wearing a leather jacket, they want to try it but would hate the thought them looking more John Travolta in Grease than James Dean. You see investing in a leather jacket from your local market with a classic cut will often leave you with the John Travolta look, but investing in a innovative design will help you achieve that biker trend.

Other than design and cut of the jacket, you also want to focus on colour. The obvious colour is of course Black, which creates that classic look and gives the biker, punk rock feel. The choice of tan, chocolate brown, and even beige gives you the opportunity to stride away from that classic look and add uniqueness. Brown is often seen as more of a stylish approach, and if you’re on the fence can easily separate yourself from that John Travolta stereotype.

Ways To Wear

The leather jacket is often seen as an outerwear garment. It tends to be the focal piece of the look, so you need to make sure its worn correctly…

1) A simple combination would be pairing your leather jacket with some slim fit, dark denim jeans and plain white t-shirt. This gives you that relaxed, James Dean look and keeps things simple and casual. Sometimes if you implement a new piece of clothing into your style and try to overcomplicate things, it can leave you looking like you’re trying too hard.

2) For a look perfect for winter, pair some dark denim jeans with a heavy weight, oversized knit. Opt for colour in the knit and pair it with your leather jacket. You can opt for military boots for the biker look, or simple desert boots for a more clean finish.

3) If you want to go extremely formal, you can pair your leather jacket with wool or tweed suit trousers, alongside a shirt and tie combination. Opt for brogues or loathers and keep you leather jacket slim fitting and clean cut.

The AllSaints AW12 lookbook is a good example on how to wear the leather jacket or what to wear it with. They keep the styling classic but implement modern trends, and all of the looks can be finished off with a leather jacket.

So the leather jacket is a key item and is more versatile than most people think. AllSaints do a great range of Leather Jackets alongside other retailers.

Let us know your thoughts, do you own a leather jacket? & how do you wear it?