KEEN: The next footwear fashion wave is these obscure but fascinating shoes

Summer may be the best time of the year, sun, and an easy time to wear what you want in your days of relaxation, but don’t fall victim to lazy styling when it comes to your feet.

When comfort is pushed to the very top of our fashion needs list, summer brings a shoe that leaves you wishing you would never have to wear any other type of shoes again. These Yogui Arts shoes are the best shoe for all your casual off days, they slip on and off easily, and if any one feels they have some misgivings about how they look, they are undeniably as comfortable as hell. 

I think they’re really cool. I wouldn’t wear them to work, but I’d definitely wear them out to parties, or whatever all summer long. They are a hundred times better than flip-flops, that’s for sure. Your slick white trainers will always make that cut in most situations, but will they make the cut when mercury is rising above 20 and never think in any circumstances that what’s on your feet shouldn’t matter. They do.

These are fashion-forward footwear that you can wear indoors and outdoors, so for those of you who want to strut through the warmer summer months, this is the way to go without compromising your aesthetic

Yogui Arts shoe:

These lightweight shoes might look a little goofy, and these ones come in the colour silver pattern ‘Hawaii Flower’ and it’s will be hard to hate on that, not that you ever would, but in a world with so many hard edges these Yogui shoes are surprisingly comfy and really foot showstoppers.

Lightweight injected EVA upper and liner for that seamless fit, and if you’re out and about where you shouldn’t be, the non-marking rubber outsole leaves no trace. Eva midsole for lightweight cushions, EVA insole with arch support for that all-important all-day comfort, and a major plus, eco anti-odour for natural odour control.

Certain shoe brands have dominated certain years from Converse Chuck Taylor in 1962. 2015 the year of  Stan Smith.  2022  the year of Keen – Yogui. So don’t be afraid to wear them how you want to.

Think of this shoe as a pared-back and summer ready, defined by its open back. There’s something distinctly Parisian about the style, a little bit louche and a little bit fancy, and these great Yogui Arts shoes will take a laid back outfit to new, luxurious heights, that this year, I will not hesitate to call wearable art. 

A happy medium is the best way forward, try wearing them with relaxed crisp white shirts with jeans or a flowing linen shirt and shorts. Jeans and aloha shirt, or just a summer jacket and jaunt about town or even the beach or poolside.  Better still wear them around the house, they are that cool. Wherever, whenever, never look back with these great shoes.

And coming in 7 different colourways too!

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