Just4leather – What Your Business Bag Says About You

While power dressing may have disappeared with the 1980’s shoulder pad, there is certainly one way that you can still make a statement about your work style – and it’s with your business bag.

Whether you are looking to make a splash, want to look polished and in control or simply need a functional bag that still looks great, choosing the right business bag can give you that little confidence boost in your day to day work life.

Just like our clothing, the bags we choose often contain hidden clues to our personality.  For example, a bold dash of bright colour combined with a sombre business suit points towards a hidden playful side, while a classic briefcase gives the impression you want to be taken seriously.

Leather is, naturally, the ultimate choice. It’s durable, it looks polished, and a leather bag will never go out of fashion, making it an ideal companion to your corporate wardrobe.

The BIG Bag

Often in the guise of a classic tote for the ladies or a stylish Gladstone travel bag for the gents, the big bag is usually found in the possession of those who want to have everything they may possibly need on their person at all times. The usual suspects of keys, phone and wallet nestle alongside more exotic items such as a sewing kit, some fitness gear and that missing tv remote control you’ve been searching for all week.

A large bag says that you’re someone who wants to carry the world while you take on the world—a true multi-tasker with a practical mindset.

Check out the Tuscany Leather Olimpia Tote work bag for a stunningly chic example – large enough to carry everything you need but with a smart look for work. For the gents, this beautiful Italian Gladstone travel bag is just the ticket – providing a roomy interior matched with a classic design that certainly imparts a sense of gravitas.

The Tech Lover

Your bag is teeming with the tech you need to get the job done. Laptop, power bank, and a confusing number of wires abound, so you need a business bag that can hold your precious gadgets and gizmos while still looking stylish.

A stunning bag with multiple compartments is the techies best friend – appealing to your need to have the space for your tech and your liking for order. Our Tuscany Leather Multi Compartment Briefcase fits the bill perfectly – providing a head-turning piece that still offers all of the practicalities.

Keeping your gadgets safe from harm is a priority, so you’re also likely to be using individual items such as an iPad bag, a Kindle cover or a luxe phone case.

For those who love an Apple product, the Piquardo Italian Leather Laptop Briefcase is a must have. – offering sleeves for a laptop, removable iPad Air sleeve, iPad mini compartment, as well as an internal pen holder, removable key holder and zipped pocket.

The Satchel

Satchels are back in a big way! While for the more mature amongst us, satchels may evoke school day memories – the satchel is now all grown up and an exciting addition to the workplace wardrobe.

The satchel is often sported by the individual who needs the practicality of a bag that has size and structure but is a little less formal than the traditional briefcase. A go-to for those whose work combines both formal and more casual wear, the beauty of the satchel is its ability to look as good alongside the sharpest of suits as it does with your most casual t-shirt.

A great all-rounder example is the Drury Luxury Leather Satchel. It looks as at home in the board room as it does in the pub for post-work drinks and still offers the compartments and space you would want from any business bag.

For those who love the satchel style but want to make more of a statement – think statement colours and glossy finishes.

The Leather Backpack

You’re adventurous, practical and classy! Whether you’re trekking through the outback or just the office, you are ready for action!

Backpacks offer the ultimate functional bag – they’re spacious, easy to carry and handsfree. Great for those who need to take heavier items on a daily basis and perfect for the commute. A leather rucksack brings a little sophistication to this humble heavyweight of the bag world.

And there’s no need to be boring! Take a look at the Christina Multi Coloured Backpack. Style meets substance with the distinguished colouring and three compartment design. The perfect companion for any work occasion.

For those with a lot to carry, the Leonhard Heyden Roma Leather Business Laptop Backpack Bag is a practical, stylish solution – with A4 sized organisers and a section for your laptop.

The Leather Briefcase

This is the evergreen classic of the business world – and you are too! A leather briefcase exudes an air of professionalism and says that you’re to be taken seriously.

Since the briefcase’s inception, the world has gone digital, and the modern briefcase reflects this.  Consider the Quindici Luxury Leather Attaché Business Case. It consists of all of the classic design features you may expect (and with its security features provides a little touch of the Bond villain too). But it also offers an organised interior that works to carry your phone, laptop and all of the other standard modern accoutrements.

But like any perennial classic, the briefcase has also been reworked to provide those who want something a little more contemporary. Softer edges, brighter colours or long straps can all introduce an element of difference when it comes to the traditional briefcase style.

The Wheeled Holdall

Traditionally the preserve of pilots, barristers and those about the jet off to yet another overseas business trip – the wheeled case is gaining popularity with anyone who wants to carry a reasonable load -even if it is just your gym kit rather than court papers. 

The wheeled holdall says that you are a jet setter – someone who’s ready to travel at a moment’s notice – be it for a romantic weekend break or an important business meeting. While the reality may be that you just want to be able to wheel around your laptop, the wheeled case certainly gives you some adventure credits!

If you really are stepping onto a plane, choosing cabin size luggage gives you the freedom to sweep quickly through the airport and into the cabin with no hassle. For everyday use, the Quindici Leather Pilot Briefcase is the perfect city companion. Lots of compartments, secure fastenings and serious black leather make it the ideal choice for those who want to pull – not carry! Check out our large range of Leather Bags at Just4leather