Just Launched: Overnight Angels Crew 

Just Launched: Overnight Angels Crew 

What do you get when you mix designer and tailor, Nick Holland (designer of Liam Gallagher’s Pretty Green) with Def Leppard’s legendary bassist, Rick Savage? 

This isn’t the beginning of a bad joke – rather, it’s the beginning of a new venture for the rock legend and his high-fashion friend: Overnight Angels Crew. 

Dropping their first Fall/Winter Collection in September this year, Overnight Angels Crew produces luxury menswear that makes a bold statement. Comprising of high-quality garments each brought to life with strong graphic sentiment, the new label promises to add some edge to your wardrobe. 

With the goal of reviving Rock iconography from the 80s and 90s in a new and contemporary light, Savage and Holland have conceptualised a collection that draws inspiration from the classic rock sources, such as motorcycle culture, religious and folkloric icons, and gothic symbolism. To pull this into the contemporary closet, the tailoring and placement of these designs echo modern streetwear – bold graphics on the reverse, script running the sleeves and subtle emblems on the left chest. 

The core collection, Overnight Angels Crew, offers those upper-half pieces you can’t live without; 100% Cotton heavyweight tees, brushed cotton Hoodies and Sweaters, and Jackets your partner will want to steal. Operating within an ever-classic monochrome palette, the graphics stand out in black and white with the occasional spray of colour – quite literally. Many of the designs are influenced by graffiti, such as the Blood Cherub tee, which shows a cheeky little winged baby, saluting the rock gods, in a deep red dripping stencil design. 

Alongside the core collection, Savage has made his personal fashion playground in OAC x Special Projects. Here, the artist brings the glamour of life on the road to these garments, offering limited-edition, hand-crafted pieces, from crystal-encrusted guitar straps to premium smoking jackets. These pieces have been put to test under stadium lights by Sav himself, on the American leg of Def Leppard’s tour with Mötley Crüe, and even featuring on Jimmy Kimmel Live. 

This luxury line also features unique collaborations with other labels that push OACs influences further afield. We love the OAC x Death Cigarettes collaboration that features the OAC statement skull and top and bottom rocker, as well as a statement lining. Each piece is individually numbered as part of a limited run, making your jacket one of a kind – it doesn’t get much more unique than that. 

If the rise of Machine Gun Kelly and the everlasting popularity of the Foo Fighters shows us anything, it’s that rock and roll never dies. Overnight Angels Crew establishes itself as a brand known for elite quality and nostalgic authenticity that thunders above the noise. If you’re looking for something a little darker, a little edgier, a little different this autumn season, look no further than Overnight Angels Crew.