John Lobb and Aston Martin Collaborating For New Collection

John Lobb and Aston Martin have once again joined forces to collaborate and create a formal welted shoe. Both brands share a rich heritage for producing high quality goods which embrace a traditional style, yet at the same time strive for modern twists to their goods. John Lobb’s team stated that: ‘walking in a pair of John Lobb shoes is close to driving an Aston Martin: the pace may differ, but the journey is just an enjoyable’.

john lobb 12

The welted shoe comes in a selection of colours which include: dark brown, green, claret and many other unique colours. The attention to detail is shown through the fabrication of the formal shoe and epitomised through such additions as the stitching, which uses the same colour as the laces.  This is further shown through the lining of the shoe consisting of lavish Calfskin leather. With these features combined, they create a luxurious yet comfortable pair of shoes.

john lobb 13

This classic shoe is perfect for the businessman or for a formal event, as it exudes luxury with the unique and chic leather. The shoes are made and produced in Northampton, England, and are now available to pre-order between June and mid-September which retails at £1095 just in time for the new fashion season or even the perfect present for Christmas!