Jeans: Know Your Skinny From Your Slim? Nope?

We know, you just love the jeans that you’ve worn for years, they’re comfortable, over washed, ripped, frayed, faded, but the pair that you love. They’re great for a quick one in the pub on a Sunday afternoon, the footy game, frolicking with the kids, cutting the grass, washing your car, but, mates on a Saturday night, you may, just want to smarten up your dress code. If you’re young free and single and looking for the ‘one’ – nope or if you have a girl, she will have her special ass jeans, that will always make her look good. So to get the right fit is pretty important, if you want to look your best. Right? There is a whole new wave of denim out there, and we’re going to have a little chat about three up-to-date styles. It’s a good idea to pay attention to your physique, and your length of leg will certainly warrant a nice pair of jeans.

Straight Leg Jeans: Also known as relaxed fit, comfort fit and slouch fit.
Straight leg jeans have always been the mainstay of the denim street style, as this is the one pair of jeans that works for all body types and that makes them great for a load of different style tribes. These jeans are the ultimate traditional cut, and if your athletic, then perfect, great if you have narrower hips than shoulders. If your a straight up and down with skinny legs, kinda’ guy, think for ‘slim straight’ as opposed to a ‘traditional slim’ or ‘tailored fits’. Try a pair of dark blue indigo denim jeans, (all the better if they’re selvedge as you can throw a cuff on them) and wear it with a simple white tee.
You can’t go wrong.

Slim Leg Jeans: All known as taper fit, and tailored fit.
Probably the most versatile of all the jeans, befitting Chelsea boots to brogues, and those sleek trainers. Don’t be put off by the name or get them mixed up with skinny, these are jeans that just tape down to the ankle and these will keep you looking modern and trim. If you’re a little shorter on size, then a lower waistband will elongate your torso. But no matter what your shape, these are the perfect work-to-casual jeans that will go everything in your closet or whatever else you wear with them, as the shape is a modern classic, and pretty much immune to the trend cycle. Go lighter for the weekend and darker colour if you want to dress up with a nice crisp shirt and unstructured blazer for the workweek. If you decide to try this style of jeans, then the right pair should skim your shape without clinging too tightly, giving your entire look a clean polished feel that works well for a date night as it does for a casual day at the office.

Skinny Leg Jeans: Also known as spray – on and super-slim fit.
These jeans are probably the hardest to wear if your an older guy, they are not for the faint-hearted and just sometimes, there is the wonder how the guys can actually get them on, the are so skinny! Although we might add, some do come with a little stretch, and that is definitely up to you whether you go for tight or skin-tight. For a while these skinny-fit jeans were the uncontested champs of the men’s denim world, now they have a few contenders in the form of looser – sometimes weirder fits. Saying that they do look good with a classic tee and Chelsea boots for a rock & roll vibe. That doesn’t means that this skinny leg look it down for the count, these calf-hugging jeans still has a place, especially if you want to lean towards the cool-guy vibes.