JEANS – Get your denim fix right

You all wear jeans, some of you wear them sometimes. Some of you wear them all the time so there’s no reason for us to tell you about jeans, right? But if you think you’re an idiot because you don’t know what to spend your money on, hey, it’s a universal struggle—-the denim world can be seriously tricky to navigate.

For your easy casual side of your wardrobe, jeans are probably the best way to represent you and you have to get it right. You may only buy skinny, but have you tried slim, then there’s regular, boot-leg, baggy  and distressed, and it can become a little hard to sensibly settle on just one. Of course you probably do own or could buy several pairs, but it’s worth knowing what each jean style represents and how you could wear them, and possibly get out of the one style rut.But whether you’re a Japanese purist or you’re just looking for some cheap and cheerful dad jeans, let’s give you a list that will set you right.

Regular jeans: These are for people who value dependability as key, you really can’t go wrong in buying or wearing a pair of regular fit jeans. But just take heed, that although you may think you can’t go wrong with a pair of these jeans there could be an issue with the occasional lack of tailoring which might look out of place if your at a event that you need to a more put-together look.

Skinny: These jeans are a little bit tighter than ‘slim’ jeans, skinny fitted jeans are definitely divisive. In the early 2010s, longtime supporters of the tight and lithe denim, where they emanate a certain punk edge especially when worn and can still be seen today in all their popularity, often worn with converse or old skool vans, and weird hairstyles, buy skinny jeans will always remain and first favourites, with well, really all ages.

Baggy: Plenty of men know the power of baggy jeans, and although they are often associated  with dads and old grandads they can definitely look great if you’re prepared to make a statement. Albeit they are certainly not for everyone or everyday wear, you want to be able to mix withthem, so for a casual style, try wearing them with a worker jacket and white sneakers.

Bootleg: With bootleg jeans are exactly what they say they are, a pair of jeans that are designed with slightly in-built flare, and loved by the girls as there’s room to accommodate a tall pair of boots underneath. But bootleg jeans will look good with cowboy style boots, if you have a dusty pair underneath the bed, trainers, Doc Martens or even a decent pair of brogues. However, some of you guys just really prefer the relaxed, moveable cut of bootleg jeans.

Distressed: Well you’ll either love or loathe the distressed jeans and are often accepted in the mainstream fashion sphere, they’re still But either way, they are still around and  there’s definitely a time and place for them. And although the ‘ripped’ is still popular, they’re best left but the wayside if going somewhere where the dress code is smart and out together. Safe to say that you should weigh up the pro’s and con’s of this style and how much wear you’ll get out of them, if you won’t be in a scenario where that kind of thing would matter though, or simply don’t care, then they could be the perfect jeans for you.