Jack Wills Gets Ready For Summer In Its Preppy SS15 Collection

If the recent rays of sunshine have got you ready for summer, you are not alone. Summer represents a relaxed way of dressing for men (and women) and the latest collection from Jack Wills is perfect for making sure you are stylish and practical at the same time.

jack 22

It feels as if Jack Wills have been around forever. In actual fact, the label was only launched in 1999. Since then, it has been the go-to label for the stylish undergraduate. A sense of “Britishness” has always been central to everything that the brand do, and this remains the case in the latest collection.

jack 33

The whole vibe of summer 2015 at Jack Wills is the dapper gent at play. From striped blazers worn with trademark sweatpants, to utility style jackets styled with pink, the collection is full of stylish contradictions.

Sportswear is preppier than ever before, and perfect for the off duty gentleman, who wants to look stylish and still a little rough around the edges.

jack 44

What we, at MFM, like best about the collection is the way that formal pieces have been played with, to create something more appropriate for everyday. A pastel paisley print is  a highlight of the range and it is featured on gilets and cargo pants. Summer appropriate shirts are light and breezy and look great when worn with the relaxed tailored pieces.

jack 55

Creative Director of the brand, designer Richard Nicoll says, “The new collection is about taking what is quintessentially Jack Wills and elevating it. The mood is what summer is about when you’re young. There are no rules. You can go where you want and wear what you want.” Shop the collection at Jack Wills.