IONIQ SKINCARE – This is truly your magic wand

Self-tanning. You either love it or loathe it, but when you do it and you look good, it is the best. Maybe it’s because it’s really easy to do at home, ( but is it?) and self tanning is an absolute gift to those that want that instant tan without having to step into  a tanning salon or go out in the sun.

Self tanning is a lifestyle, a commitment, but do you get tired of it looking sometimes not quite right, a bit missed on the legs, streaky round the back, your hands looking like you’ve dipped them in a pot of cheetos? And the hardest part of self-tanning is getting the tanning product to be evenly spread on your skin, so you don’t have any of the fore-mentioned above!

For some of us, waiting a day or two or with gradual tanning, weeks for a tan to develop; just doesn’t cut it. We want a tan that does help to hide the blemishes, give an extra even tone and a golden glow  that does, really, look gorgeous. And we want it now! If you get it right, then you have perfection and glow all at the same time. 

This is where IONIQ ONE SKINCARE steps in:

You can experience 360° skincare all the time, as this is a tanning skincare solution for, literally, every inch of your skin. IONIQ ONE is the first in the world that will not only nourish, but will reach every area of your body, and let’s face it girls, that has to be the best thing EVER when you are trying to get that tanning perfection.

You get the intelligent sprayer with effective skincare formulations,that are quick and easy applications, and with their products, whether it’s a tanning, sun protection or body with a super nourishing body serum, the sprayer will cover every inch of your body, without you ever needing to rub anything in.

What is the most important thing you girls want with home tanning? IONIQ ONE will apply nearly every drop of beneficial tanning oil to your skin in under 100 seconds, spreading automatically onto your skin, and, no streaks, no stains.The sprayer will give you a full-body spray and can even reach all of your back, with it’s ionized skincare that creates a wrap-around effect, that will give you a tanning result like a professional beauty salon. Healthy and enriched with the lovely aloe vera moisturising extract, and leaves your skin silky soft, even on the fairest of skins.

With so much being said about skin cancer, sun damage, premature aging and age spots, and just one indoor tanning session can increase your melanoma risk, more and more people are turning to self-tanning, so you can get a healthier vegan tan with IONIQ ONE tanning oil. Firstly, macadamia nut oil makes your skin ultra soft and helps to slow down aging. Cold- pressed jojoba oil, which is great for dry and sensitive skin and soothes your skin from the inside without being greasy. Finally aloe vera extract is your personal assistant for healthy skin. 

This tanning system is so good, it looks real, and isn’t that just exactly what you want?