Introducing TukTuk

Another brand was bought to our attention this week, and it was only right we gave it the attention it deserves. We want to introduce TukTuk, a brand which specialises in accessories and high quality clothing. The brands primary inspirations come from their surroundings. Taking inspiration from the wonderful colours, tastes, scents and personalities of South Asia, together the brand has collated a product list any brand would be proud of.

Their philosophy focuses heavily on production producing garments that fit well, that have a strong emphasis on bespoke tailoring, and that personify their beliefs, inspirations and brand ethos.

There’s no mass production either. Respectable local factories, and skilled tailors and craftsmen make all of their clothing and accessories. TukTuk also spend a lot of time playing with fabrics, with their products being manufactured from interesting, colourful, unique, and occasional vintage fabrics.

They’ve created products with a story, and that’s what we like here at MFM. Here’s some of our favourite products from the range:

The Leather iPhone 5 Pouch

Available in a variety of colour combinations, this iPhone 5 pouch is made from soft leather and has a suede leather lining. Everyone needs a case for their iPhone, and this beauty is a great option. It also fits the old iPhone 4 (as I’m using it now…)

Tuk Tuk iPhone 5 Case

£29 – Buy Now

The Leather Record Box

For you music fans, this record box has a vintage feel. Holds approximately 60 records, and features a sturdy stainless steel handle and buckle. A must for music fans…

TukTuk Record Boxes

£69 – Buy Now


TukTuk also has a range of clothing available alongside their accessories range. Here are some of our favourites, or you can shop the full collection.

Tuktuk Clothing