Introducing: The Vintage Watch Room

Here at MFM, we have had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with the team over at The Vintage Watch Room London and are so pleased to share our collaboration, and their story with our readers.

The Vintage Watch Room believe that watches are much much more than a means of simply telling the time. They are miniature time capsules reflecting the society and fashion of the decades they were created in, be it peacetime or wartime. Buying a vintage watch does a few things, it allows these mechanical wonders to have a new lease of life, you will own a timepiece that isn’t available in High Street Jewellers and will be as individualistic as the wearer who adorns his wrist with one, it’s a talking point and it also increase in value if it’s looked after well.

They believe that whilst most guys would aspire to a High end timepiece, not all can afford to buy one, their Vintage Watches start from below £100 to £1500, the majority costing the equivalent of a decent pair of shoes or a Suit. They are the one stop shop for Affordable Vintage Watches and we also repair, restore and rebuild vintage watches as well !

Every one of their watches has a story, they are just the storytellers !


You can win the chance to get your hands on your very own luxury item from the Vintage Watch Room, check out the details below…

Win a Fabulous 1970’s Vintage Gents Lanco Dress Watch worth over £200 !!

Lanco Watches trace their beginnings to Switzerland in 1873 as part of the Langendorf Watch Co, who were at one time the largest watch manufacturer in the world, they lasted till 1973 when they were bought by SSIH a conglomerate which also owned Omega & Tissot Watches, Lanco becoming their third watch brand.

This particular watch was manufactured in 1974 soon after the takeover.

This Vintage Lanco Watch has a Golden Tan Metallic Dial, Gold Plated Case with Steel back and a 17 Jewel Swiss Lever movement, it comes with its original Lanco Presentation Box and paperwork that’s dated to 1975.The watch itself has hardly been worn and is in excellent condition for its age.

All entrants will also get a 15% discount on all the watches on our site for a period of 6 weeks (15/3/2021) , simply add the Promotional code Mens 01 at checkout to receive the discount.

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