Introducing Itero Pocket Watches

Great British Summertime has ended, and with that, the clocks went back. Amongst the Hallowe’en festivities and connotations of pumpkins and clocks striking midnight, we thought it was time to write a piece on timepieces.

But, as always, MFM prefers to look forward in time for inspiration. We’ve been looking to see what’s fresh and new. But with that came a problem when introducing time into the mix. Just how useful has High School algebra been to you? Well, this isn’t really a quadratic equation, but it does involve a tiny bit of mathematics, so bare with us.

Expand and solve the following:

2 watch enthusiasts + a passion for timepieces + timeless devotion = ?

The result is something altogether much bigger than the sum of its parts. The passion for making high-quality timepieces of Luka Sepec and Blaz Abe has grown into something much bigger than even they expected.

The market is flooded with watches, wristbands, and smartwatches, all which seem to recently lack diversity.

Yes, interchangeable wriststraps are available for these nifty gadgets, as well as technologies telling you how many steps you’ve walked, but where, you may ask, comes the truly stylish and thoughtfully-made timepieces for the modern-day Gent?


What’s it all about, Itero?

The boys created the company Itero and designed a modern pocket watch. But one of the main goals set out was to build a not just a watch but one which features “the best available materials at an affordable price”.

Because, let’s face it, every man should deserve something special to keep them on track. So sit back, and read on as you ditch your not-so-smart smartwatches for something well-and-truly classic and contemporary.

One of main benefits of the Itero watches is the wooden pocket watch stand, which allows the watch to remain useful even when not worn. Alongside keeping the watch in pristine condition when not being worn it also acts as a wonderful decoration to an office or a living room.



Working 9 ‘til 5, ticking 12 to 12

The timepieces are styled in five colour combinations from Midas black and white to Midnight Bronze (perfect for Cinders’ Prince Charming!)

What we like about these pieces is the fact that they are classic watches, modernly designed.

The timepieces have been expertly crafted to revive the traditional appreciation for arguably man’s most-loved accessory. So whether you like classic blacks or brighter whites, it’s time to pocket time; whether it’s a gift this year or you want to TREAT YO’SELF, these watches are made for every man!


Tick, tock, goes the clock

With the countdown to Christmas well under way, don’t waste another second without an Itero timepiece in your life.

Just two hours drive from Venice, the pair are located in a small town of Slovenia. But have no fear, if you don’t have the time to fly over to the beautiful alpine country between now and your Christmas Office Party (because trust us, you’ll want to style one of these beauties before Santa Claus arrives) then surf over to the website for the latest and stylish in timepiece stylings.


Click to see the full collection.

And, finally, shipping is free worldwide!