Introducing Grafted: the men’s skincare and wellbeing brand that promises to cut through the bulls**t

  • Grafted launches with a trio hero product range; intensive face moisturiser, heavy duty hand cream and deep clean body wash
  • Partnership with Andy’s Man Club brings added focus on male mental health
  • “Hard-working products for hard-working men” and “a skincare brand built for grafters”

06 March 2023: Within the crowded UK skincare market, sits a niche for men’s own products. This smaller space has been historically dominated with collections and brands that have been female-turned-male in their marketing. Amongst this male skincare niche sits a handful of solid, masculine lines. But the popularity of hand, body and skincare products amongst men is growing in popularity in Britain, with the latest reports predicting that its market value is worth around £73.8 million in 2021 [1].

Calling all grafters and hard workers..

Grafted is a bold new men’s skincare and wellbeing brand joining the market, on a mission to bring hard-working products to hard-working men. Its core ethos is to support men in their skin, physical and mental health. It promises to cut through the bullsh*t surrounding skincare products and their promises, instead simply committing to clean, repair and protect skin.

Grafted’s founder comments: “Skincare doesn’t need to be over complicated. Sure, our products are all vegan, cruelty-free, have recyclable packaging, are paraben-free… and the rest! But every brand in 2023 should be, no? 

Grafted is all about simplifying skincare and bringing quality products to men whose skin faces the toughest days. We’re geared towards grafters; those working outdoors and on site, those who love weekend outdoor pursuits and extreme sports, or those hard-working gym go-ers. Skin that is exposed to the harsh weather, pollution, and prone to wear and tear – it needs products that work hard to clean, repair and protect it.

We won’t ever have an extensive product range of multiple collections and hundreds of variations of one cream or ten different fragrances of one oil. As we said, skincare doesn’t need to be overcomplicated, it just needs to be good!”

Grafted’s trio of skincare

Grafted is launching with three core, hero products in the collection. They are:

Intensive Face Moisturiser – £14.45

This moisturiser locks in the moisture that the skin needs, whilst providing the ultimate barrier to the outside world. It is suitable for daily use; and can be used morning and night to keep skin looking and feeling great. Grafted’s Intensive Face Moisturiser contains Pollustop; a biotechnology ingredient which forms a protective film or ‘second skin’ to shield against the elements or harsh chemicals that the skin is exposed to in cities, or on work sites. 

Heavy Duty Hand Cream – £13.45

Hands do all the heavy lifting in day to day life and are prone to getting rough, dry and cracked, so they need a heavy duty hand-cream, not a floral female product! Using natural vegan ingredients like organic oat milk and moisturising shea butter, this non-greasy formula will fix the driest of hard-working hands.

Deep Clean Body Wash – £7.95

With a woody scent and an undertone of citrus, the Deep Clean Body Wash will gently clean the body of all sweat, dust, grease and grime; the sign of a true grafter. Lather skin with a luxurious, non-drying body wash for an ultimate fresh feeling. The subtle cedar wood scent isn’t overly fragrant so personal deodorant and aftershave favourites still take centre stage.

Importance of self-care, physical and mental health…

“We all know that we need to look after our physical health, and many know we need to look after the biggest organ on our body too; our skin,” says Grafted, “…but we also need to look after our minds and wellbeing equally too, which is why we want this brand to not just be a hero product range; we want the men using Grafted to feel supported and part of community. We’ve partnered with Andy’s Man Club and are proud to help spread their message of eliminating the everyday stigma around mental health. It’s important that men have a space to come together and speak freely.”

Andy’s Man Club comments on the partnership and launch: “ANDYSMANCLUB are delighted to be working alongside Grafted as they look to change the landscape of self care for men. As blokes, we sometimes struggle to look after ourselves, whether that’s struggling to talk about our issues or troubles, or taking care of our bodies after a hard day’s work or exercise. Working together with Grafted, we can look to smash the stimage surrounding men’s health!”

Grafted’s products will be initially available to buy from its website from 6th March 2023: 

To find out more about Grafted’s partnership with Andy’s Man Club and what the male suicide prevention organisation is doing, visit: