Introducing Angelo Van Mol

Who ever said hard work doesn’t pay off? Angelo Van Mol, having already taken a key interest in men’s fashion and design, studied at The Royal Academy in Antwerp. Months after his graduation in 2010, he was named Menswear Designer of the Year. Today, Van Mol is a new label of elegant footwear. He says that in the future his ultimate objective is to create a complete wardrobe for the modern man.


Van Mol’s ideas are expanding. To date, he has won awards from industry pioneers for these ideas and has moved to London to study the Art of English Tailoring on Saville Row. This is the final step in Van Mol’s journey to conquer every facet of men’s style. Here, he will fulfil his desire to connect the bridge between footwear and menswear to accommodate the modern man.


The ideas behind Van Mol’s shoes are statements of their own. The brand that his name has become is built around the concept of making a bold innovation, one that has craftsmanship that is timeless. There’s an evident desire to define the relationship between men’s fashion and modernity.

These ideas come through Van Mol’s shoes that are laced with a classic yet modern touch. There is, as he himself has put it, an “infusion of new avant-garde ideas”, it therefore becomes timeless in its own right and has sartorial standards. The shoes that are offered will become statements within outfits, they will hold certain connotations and motifs.

Gilbert_Black_mfmGilbert_Brown_mfmOne of the best things about Van Mol’s shoes – apart from, of course, the designs – is that they are sufficiently sharp and smart, they are elegant enough to flux between formal functions and casual ones. They bring together what else you wear to adapt to the situations you are put into.

Angelo Van Mol’s hard work speaks for itself when you look at the shoes provided. There’s only one more thing to say in the case of Angelo Van Mol and that is that we wait with bated breath to see what his vision of the complete modern man’s wardrobe should be.

Gilbert_Oxblood_mfm Sebastien_Black_mfm

Fans we are, and you can shop the full collection here.