Inside the Atelier of PRSNL.HB the Latest Upcoming Brand to Watch

At MFM we pride ourselves in being aware of upcoming trends and brands. We have recently been loving the work of PRSNL.HB (Personal Hobby), a graduate designer who experiments with silhouette, tech fabrics and concepts. The revolutionary work pushes the boundaries of contemporary fashion and propels us into a futuristic dystopian world.

PRSNL.HB (Personal Hobby), showcases the designer, Robert Jesse, and his personal interest through garment creation. To describe his work in three words, we would use adaptable, futuristic and experimental. His inspiration is drawn from his youth, growing up watching anime it helped him form his design style from looking into different genres and mixing it with different eras of history. From that he hopes to create his own stories through his concepts. In 2017, Jesse released his Graduate Collection inspired by the concept of artificial replicate (full metal alchemist & prosthetic limbs).

PRSNL.HB makes clothes for people that want to transform. Experimenting through technical design to be able to change the different functions within the garment without losing its silhouette.

Being seen without being seen.

For more information and details check out their website and socials: