In what casinos celebrities spend their free time

Which world famous stars have a particular passion for gambling? Where did their love for casinos come from and what the biggest sums they managed to win in the land-based establishments.

Top Gambling Celebrities

Many Hollywood stars are frequent visitors to gambling establishments. They explain their passion for gambling by the fact that they get a chance to rest and relax from the daily hustle and bustle at the casino. Some of the stars were able to catch their luck and become the owner of really big winnings. And some of them have even participated in professional tournaments. You will learn about who exactly is fond of casinos and what success they have achieved in this activity in the article below.

Popular Casinos Where You Can Meet Celebrities

Las Vegas is considered the casino capital. This is not surprising, as there are more than 80 different clubs, the number of gaming pavilions in which is measured in thousands. Many celebrities prefer to rest in institutions of this city. Stars such as Pamela Anderson, Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck have visited the most reputable gambling houses in Las Vegas.

However, you can meet an internationally renowned star not only there. For example, Justin Timberlake, Andy Roddick and others often visit casinos in Australia. The clubs that are the most popular among stars include:

  • Crown Casino;
  • Palms;
  • Monte Carlo;
  • Hard Rock;
  • Caesars Windsor;
  • Route 66.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon is an American film, television and voice actor who has a particular passion for poker. He became addicted to gambling in 1998 during the shooting of the movie “Rounders”. Then, to gain experience at the poker table, he took lessons from professional players and quite often visited the casino. The man spent about $25,000 to learn the game. After the film ended, Damon’s passion for gambling only grew.

Today, his favorite type of poker is Texas Hold’em. You can find more information about it on this web resource: The actor even participated in closed tournaments, which were organized by a real poker professional – Molly Bloom. However, because of these activities he got problems with the U.S. authorities, because he violated the law on illegal gambling. Some sources claim that at one of these parties he lost a rather impressive amount of money, which equals $40,000. Because of this, he began to appear less frequently in public casinos and limited his gambling addiction to only playing with friends and participating in charity tournaments.

George Clooney

The main actor of the movie “Ocean’s Eleven” is an avid casino player. He is so obsessed with gambling entertainment that he even invested more than $ 7 million to build a complex “Las Ramblas” – a large casino with a personal hotel. However, the man failed to implement this project.

Nowadays, it is quite possible to meet George Clooney in casinos in Las Vegas. However, he does not always visit them alone, but in company with other Hollywood gamblers. According to rumors, due to his excessive addiction to gambling houses, he ended the relationship with his two former lovers. Women can not withstand the constant “gambling binges” and left the man. However, even this could not force the actor to stop. He visits casinos with the same frequency as before, and continues to participate in various tournaments, including charitable ones.

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Cameron Diaz

The actress, who many people know from the movie “What Happens in Vegas”, admits that she is addicted to gambling. The woman literally cannot cope with her desire to go to the casino. Therefore, as soon as she finds herself near any gambling establishment, she immediately enters it and buys chips. 

Today, the woman quite often spends her time in various tournaments, free slots with bonus games and competitions. At the same time, she plays incredibly well. Even professional players who find themselves at the same table with her assure that one day, Cameron Diaz will be able to get the title of poker queen from Jennifer Tilly. The actress herself does not need any recognition at all. In fact, poker is a hobby for her, which brings her maximum pleasure and good mood. She donates all the funds that she manages to win at the casino to special foundations, which are engaged in the treatment of malignant tumors in children.

Ben Affleck

This actor is known for his special love of gambling games. He is so obsessed with them that one day, he even hired a professional gamer as his teacher. Under his guidance in 2004, he decided to take part in a tournament in California, where he was able to become the owner of a prize of 360 thousand dollars. However, this was not the largest amount he managed to get in a casino. Because of his phenomenal memory, he is particularly fond of card games. The law did not prohibit counting cards, and Ben actively used it. In blackjack, he managed to win as much as $800,000. He gave almost 150 thousand dollars of this amount to the staff of the gambling house as a tip.

The Biggest Winnings of World Famous Stars

In gambling, it does not matter whether you are a celebrity or an ordinary person. After all, the possibility of winning depends only on luck. The table below shows the maximum amounts of money that the world-famous stars were able to cash out at the casino.

Ben Affleck$800,000
Charlie Sheen$1,000,000
Gladys Knight$60,000
Paris Hilton$30,000
Tobey Maguire$300,000

Many world celebrities have noted that they have a special passion for casinos. They can spend many hours in various establishments until they fully satisfy their need for a thrill. In this article, we have told the stories of the most famous celebrities, where casinos play a big role in their lives.