In Conversation With Eton X Eidos Napoli

Eton Shirts collaborating with Eidos Napoli is one of the most anticipated launches to date. They have curated a limited edition range which consists of three piece pinstripe flannel suit, a sport coat and accessories. The collection reflects their personality and has taken tailoring to a new level – being aesthetically beautiful but also a remaining functional and comfortable feel.

We caught up with Antonio Ciongoli, Creative Director at Eidos and Sebastian Dollinger, Creative Director at Eton, to discuss the collaboration, the designs and all the things in between.

eton 1

It’s a unique collaboration that you guys have created, do you mind telling us how you two joined forces?

Antonio Ciongoli: So it started like how the best collaborations do; between friends. The global sales director of Eton and the president of Isaia (the parent company of Eidos Napoli) were good friends. They talked about the idea of collaborating between Eton and Eidos and later on we were introduced to each other.

Sebastian Dollinger: When we met we got a feel for each other’s style. Eidos tailoring is an extension of what I do but so damn well executed and it’s not made by a ninety year old man in a classical and boring way.

To find someone so similar to yourself; nerdy and so involved, is quite rare. I saw myself in so many ways, and a good collaboration starts firstly with not the product but with the people, otherwise it becomes so contrived and market driven.

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What makes this collection different from the other collaborations that we see in the market today?

Sebastian: Well, it’s that you have two guys who live and breathe quality. How we view it is that we make classical items with innovation and detail. We try and make new details and find clever ways of making fabric in the field of menswear which generally most things are dated.

We look at the quality, the structure, the fibres and the different methods of making such as weaving. Since we are specialist we can focus on one or more things and we can add innovation in that field, making this collection as unique.

Antonio: The idea that real quality is marketed to older people, when someone is trying to sell something to a younger guy in our age group is all about aesthetic and so I think that it is actually insulting to a younger guy. I like that we are creating something that hasn’t got a shelf life; it is something you can have for a very long time but feels appropriate but it is rooted.

This jacket is not going to go away, the full canvas construction is going to mould to your body and help the jacket retain its shape, as long as you take care of it and yourself; you can pass it down to your kids.

Sebastian: I hope we find these clothes in a vintage store in forty years’ time!

eton 3

With that in mind, did you have an ideal consumer when you were creating your collaboration?

Antonio: Firstly, we overlap in our consumer which is why the collaboration made sense. One of the nice things that I’m finding is that who I think about when designing the collection is actually broader than that. We are getting guys who are older and when I’m designing I’m thinking about guys who are in their 30’s to mid-40’s.

Sebastian: It is hard to age the consumer. It is always the case that when you have a certain person in mind but actually you design for someone who is the opposite. As long as these guys appreciate the touch and flair of the garments then I don’t care if the guy is hundred or ten.

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Do you guys have a favourite piece in the collection?

Antonio: Mine is the brown double-breasted coat – it is just so versatile. It goes with my suits and with jeans.

Sebastian: Mine is probably the navy cardigan; this piece is a staple in my collection. I wear this three times a week and I love how versatile it is. It was designed specifically to wear with tailored clothing. It gives of a great visual interest when you wear it with a jacket but also looks good with jeans.

eton 5

You guys work so well together, were there any challenges throughout this process?

Sebastian: Probably the hardest part was coordinating our flights and insane schedules together. Apart from that when it came to the designing aspect we are both particular and don’t second-guess which made the process easy.

Well wait no longer gents, the collection is available in stores now.