Who said a collared shirt needs a collar?

We all know that when the sun comes out, so do lightweight shirts, and what better than one that’s made of linen. It’s the penchant in the colder days to wear something thicker and warmer that will sway in favour that is lighter and breathable and nice looking as well. It’s a shirt that you can wear nearly all of the year, but definitely from May through to September, even October if there’s an Indian summer, the cool, collected linen shirt becomes a definite wardrobe favourite.

So a cool collarless shirt that’s also made of linen has to be on your shopping list. Ditching the tie is a plus your neck will free from a suffocating collar and will help you to get that far more relaxed sartorial look. And when the weather does get pretty hot, linen shirts are more suited to those of you that are prone to damp underarm patches, thanks to the significantly lower thread count than cotton, and that makes the shirt able to hold up to 20 per cent more moisture before you’ll get to feel the damp.


But linen also has far lower elasticity and therefore gets wrinkles a lot, maybe an off-put for you, but hey, think like an Italian, they love linen and have no care that it may get creased, it’s all part of their charm. To add a touch of Italian swagger to one’s personal style, as men generally are fixated on looking sharp will probably be applied by the wrinkles that are an integral part of wearing linen, and those wrinkles help to make an attractively relaxed expression on the people around you. 

Whatever you preference a collarless or grandad shirt will give you styling possibilities that are endless, worn underneath tailoring and more than hold its own with a smart chino, while being the perfect partner with a pair of tailored shorts, and if you’re after a summer wardrobe addition with cross-aesthetic appeal, this linen shirt is surely it. The IKKS PARIS navy linen regular Mandarin collar shirt, has a mandarin collar 

(collarless or grandad for another word) and is made from certifies French linen with long buttoned sleeves and an easy regular  with the IKKS button on the left cuff.button fastening fit

There are two options to wearing linen shirts, up your ironing game or learn to embrace them! Because, wherever a man lives, he can learn from the world’s most stylish nation.

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