If Your Not A Rock Star – Not All Graphic T-shirts Are Off Limits.

We know you more mature men think that age is just a number, and, we couldn’t be the bigger proponents of the forever-young mentality, but at what age do you look good wearing a slogan tee and when do you look terrible and just may be too, ahem, old to wear certain things? Trying to dress as you would like can be a bit of a bind when you’re in your mature years, as some trends are simply too juvenile and only come across as try-hard or “thirsty’ as the kids are saying.

So when you want to rock your jeans and a graphic tee, how do you look good without looking like a teenager trapped in an adolescent body? So you can look cool if you get the look right, and wearing a fun t-shirt can be fun as long as you get the graphics right.

If you’re 45+ you might be struggling with how to wear this style of t-shirt in your grown-up life without looking like a guy with a raging hangover (never a good look). The simple rule is, don’t think you are wanna-be Mick Jagger, who can rock a tee anywhere and get away with it, probably as he is an old rocker.

If you’re still hitting the books as an undergrad, then it’s time to take a permanent study break from the heavily logo’d tees and humour shirts that are a pound a dozen amongst the younger set. You’re at an age now where you don’t need your shirts to do the talking – nor do you need to be an unpaid advertisement for a particular logo-happy brand.

So instead of wearing your old tee with typical jeans and chucks, dress up in a cool simple and smart graphic tee, with cropped black or white shorts and luxe-y-sneakers, dark jeans or chinos, blazer and loafers for an off-duty look, and when the suns out, slouchy linen trousers and good sandals. You can even get away with wearing light jeans, and simple graphic tee and Chelsea boots. Not all message and graphic t-shirts are off limits.

So simple and smart should be your motto. No sloppy designs and worn-out t-shirts, make sure you give some thought to your look to avoid elaborate necklines, deep v-necks showing off the chest that’s a definite no-no, so opt for a crew neck. And the important detail? Tucking the t-shirt in. We know it might seem dorky, but if your clothes fit like James Dean instead of Jerry Seinfeld’s circa 1993, you’ll look like an old school gentleman. Feel free to to nudge the Rat-Pack vibe along with high shine hair, slick shades or a piece of jewellery.

The question you should be asking is “does this suit me” rather than “am I too old for this?” The answer is the first, as the rule of mens fashion is much more relaxed than ever and we are far more tolerant of a 50-year old dressing like a 20-year old.