It’s a funny old age the sixties, it’s neither young or old and probably the best years of your life, when you think you’ve got style, maybe a bit of cash stacked away, decent car, etc: etc: But what is important is that you don’t fall into a rut.

It’s time that maybe you already have or should be looking at getting a signature style, and that doesn’t mean that you have to stop going and checking out what style is on the high street. The suit, tie and v-neck jumper combination is an outfit that will crop up in most of your sixties and really is an easy option that doesn’ really require much imagination. Despite that fact that it might sound pejorative, it really isn’t, you need to look at the power or formality if you’re into wearing a three piece suit or a double breasted jacket, either to work or on formal occasions. We say, if in doubt, go formal!

Don’t be afraid to wear a mismatched waistcoat, with a tweedy jacket and jeans, panama hats in the summer, and yes white trousers or jeans even in winter and even at your age.Neutrals will be your new best friend, as when you get older black can be a harsh colour on paler, more mature skin, so instead go for staples in warmer neutrals like soft grey, brown, camel and navy blue. You only have to look at the Italian men to see what we’re talking about. Have a pinch of fun clothes and play around with double denim, scarfs and anything that could be construed as slightly thespian.

If you’re not a gym bunny and you’ve put on a little weight, then go for casual clothes that will give your body that extra bit of structure. In winter under a sweater or in the spring and summer, go for button down polo shirts, that will both define your shoulders and make your arms look bigger, and if you want to wear a t-shirt look for ones that will broaden your chest and back.

Try wearing an array of different blazers, it’s the easiest way to look straighter, slimmer, taller and more handsome, just by slipping on a well cut blazer. Wear i well and get the right fit, it prepares you for anything, it will hide bumps, and lumps, disguises tummies and exaggerates shoulders, and even in this age of formality, there are a number of off-duty blazers that keep it casual but still do all the hard work you’ve paid them to do.

Lastly, as you get older your hangovers get worse, sorry guys, and let’s face it, they might be harder to disguise. But, there is a fashion cure, try wearing a crisp, freshly pressed pale-blue shirt (and a Berocca), that will help immensely, as the blue somehow helps to calm down the alcohol blotches and an increased shirt will counteract the fury blighting your face that day.

Enjoy your sixties!