How to Work Out and Avoid the Gym

For some, the gym is the perfect post-work release. For others, the thought of sweating it out in a crowded room after a long day at the workplace couldn’t be less appealing. For men with busy lifestyles, finding the time – and motivation – to train can be difficult, and getting the desired results seems frustratingly impossible. However, dedication to fitness doesn’t have to mean spending every night in the gym; working out at home is not only surprisingly easy but when done properly, is highly effective. Here’s how you can achieve a gym-honed body without leaving the house.

Go Freestyle

Firstly, there are plenty of exercises that don’t require any equipment whatsoever, and whether they’re done in a professional studio or on your living room floor makes no difference to the end result. Lunges, press-ups, planks and crunches can all be done freestyle, and are an easy way to work on that six-pack without competing for space in the gym. Clear some room and fit in 15-20 reps of each whenever you have time, be it before your shower or as soon as you wake up. To ensure noticeable progress, switch it up regularly with variations of each exercise.

Bring the Gym to You

Finally, there’s not much in the gym that can’t be used indoors, and home equipment is one of the most convenient ways to train without leaving the house. If time is of the essence, a professional machine for your home may turn out to be a better investment than a barely used gym membership – not to mention no queuing or sharing with strangers. Companies like Hammer supply everything from cross trainers to weight benches directly from the manufacturer, so setting up your own private gym need not break the bank. Simply put the TV on, get on your (exercise) bike and train like a pro – no travel needed.

Use What You’ve Got

Believe it or not, the home is full of everyday objects just waiting to be used as gym equipment, and with a bit of creative thinking, it’s easy to get an intense and varied workout. Strength training is necessary for building muscle and burning fat, but there isn’t always a need to pump iron at the gym, as you can create your own weights using anything from heavy books to petrol cans filled with water. Providing they are sturdy enough, kitchen counters and doorframes also make for great gym substitutes; work on those arms with tricep push-ups on a counter, or try doorframe pullups for a strong back. Likewise, the stairs can be used for high-intensity interval training; repeatedly run up and walk down for a vigorous cardio workout.