How to Wear Your Favorite Fragrance for Your Favorite Events

The day you’ve been preparing for is here. You’ve put together the perfect outfit that accentuates everything you love. Your hair and makeup are on point. You’ve curated the best fragrances from LaBelle Perfumes, settling on the perfect Bond No 9 scent to complete your presentation. Whether it’s the floral woodiness of Signature or the fruity amber of Dubai Jade, you’re almost ready. You know what to wear, but have you thought about how to wear it for the evening ahead?

Understanding Application Options

Generally, you want a fragrance that’s going to last as long as you do. How you apply your Bond No 9 fragrance will affect its performance, or how long it lasts. Think about these application tips and what you need to get out of your cologne or perfume:

  • Cleanliness: Always apply fragrance to skin that is clean and not wet.
  • Hydration: Skin that is moisturized retains a scent longer than dry skin. Use an unscented lotion or oil.
  • Body heat: Warm points on the body are where blood flows and the skin is thinnest. Apply your product to the wrists, the front or back of your neck, behind the earlobes, and on the inside of your elbows and knees. These are also called pulse points.
  • No rubbing: You’ve seen people spray perfume or cologne and then rub it into the skin. Rubbing causes the aromatic compounds to break down which reduces the fragrance’s longevity. 
  • No misting: Spraying your Bond No 9 product into the air and letting the mist fall on to you isn’t the most effective way to wear it.
  • Clothing and hair: Some wearers may get some mileage by lightly applying perfume or cologne to natural fabrics or hair. This can be effective, but be cautious about staining. Some hair products have scents to them, so be careful about those fragrances clashing with your Bond No 9 product. 

Creating the Right Impression

Besides the performance or longevity of your fragrance, it’s important to know some additional terms related to how others perceive what you’re wearing. Do you want others to come closer to pick up what you’re putting down? Perhaps you want them to miss you when you’re gone. Think about these terms and your fragrance goals for the night ahead:

  • Projection: A scent’s projection measures how far it moves away from your body when standing still. The better the projection the further away your fragrance can be smelled.
  • Sillage: This is the term for the trail of scent that you leave behind as you move around and how long it lingers in the air.
  • Depth: Fragrances with strong depth hold their various accords for a longer period of time. They usually require fewer sprays to be effective. A scent with less depth may require subsequent applications for others to perceive the top and middle notes.
  • Dry down: When your fragrance is no longer developing, the dry down describes how it interacts with your unique body chemistry. The base note of a fragrance is usually what is smelled during the dry down.

Make the most of the occasion at hand by being intentional about how you wear your favorite perfumes and colognes. LaBelle Perfumes is your perfect go-to source to explore fine fragrances at great prices.