It’s not for everyone, wearing all white, but done well head-to-toe in white is fearless, and a very foolproof way to really not look like a tourist. Don’t you sometimes feel that in summer it’s great to have a clean palette, not to feel wearing loads of colours that are dominating menswear right now. So, let’s talk about a palette cleanser, something fresh and clean, that will make you stand out from the crowd, but really quite swervy enough to turn heads. You will be surprised  just how many stylish dudes are actually wearing all-white.

Understated as hell, bold and brave, not for everyone, and at a push may be only worn once in summer, but hey, think out of the box, get out of your mind about weddings, and think that all white is a trend and that you might, just might want to try. Now named the new black, we need this colour this summer, so expect crisp white in great bleach-out tones, sure, you can put on a white tee and white jeans and call it a day, but any cloth sweatshirt and white chinos are just as easy to pull off – and way less boring.

So try thinking about crisp white bleached-out tones, and a softer mix of whites will give you much more depth and tones, letting you actually be brave enough to shine in pristine white is totally up to you. A white suit with a contrast paler t-shirt would make Don Johnson pretty proud and a winner in our books, even for a wedding, swap the dress shirt for a tie and camp-collar shirt, and go for wearing loafers.

As for shoes, they can be pristine white sneakers if you’re wearing jeans or smart tailored trousers, keep the look clean and casual in tones of off-white, ivory white and creamy white as these will take you from looking you’re wearing clothes from an 80s throwback to a suave and well dressed fashion maker. Just add some shades of white between your trousers and jacket if you wear one. So think about it, wear white that is just right for you and whatever the summer brings your way.

Stay Fresh.