How To Wear The White Suit

There comes a time where wearing a black suit every day to work or to an event can be very repetitive. White suits have been timeless throughout the ages and is a great statement. However many men do not venture into wearing white suits in the fear of looking too showy or in your face, this is a big misconception when it comes to white suits. It’s all about mixing and matching, dressing it down, and being creative.

Mixing and Matching

When thinking of wearing a white suit the thought of all white comes into mind, while this combination could work (at a summer outdoor event or a wedding) it is very tricky to get it right and may not look as nice on everyone.

There are a few combinations as to how to dress a white suit and mixing and matching is a technique which works extremely well. This is a perfect example of how you can dress down a white suit, but still look sophisticated. Pair the white suit with solid colours and pastel shirts for a more casual look and bold dark colours for a more sophisticated look.

Mis-matching and wearing either the blazer or trousers and individual pieces is another option you can implement. A white blazer could be paired with jeans, trousers or shorts and it would still be a focal point to the look. White trousers was something we saw in-trend last Spring/Summer season, and that popularity looks to increase. Again, look to pair them with darker tones or pastel colours, and be careful if you’re looking to introduce complicated prints into your look as it could look too busy.


white suits

The Fit

The white suit can be loose for the summer and for a beach look but for any other occasion it’s best to have a tailored suit that’s tapered at the waist and tailored at the shoulders. Also when looking for a white suit don’t be afraid to venture into the off shades of white because if worn correctly can look very elegant. It is also very important that the suit has 2 buttons at most as it exudes the best look.


cotton and linen blazerpatch pocket blazer contrast waistband trouserswhite tapered jeans

Shoes And Accessories

Depending on what look you’re going for there are various shoes that could work with a white suit. If the suit is dressed down and more casual then loafers or boat shoes look very good and work well. If the suit is more sophisticated and you’re going for a more dressed up look then it may be best to wear brogues or monk shoes. If wearing a tie with the white suit beware of patterns. Bold strong colours look best with white suits as it gives it that classy feel. Use accessories to add missing elements to your look, and when wearing the suit as a whole look to combine accessories to bring the look together.

suede & leather messengerwoven suede belt red paisley print tiespot tie excalibur suede loafersmens oxford shoes

The white suit can be a little tricky to grasp but by combining the techniques highlighted within this article, you should be on the road to pulling off the suit most men are afraid of.