We all know that every well-dressed guy will know that the key to keeping warm and stylish is proper winter layering, and the trick is to get it right. If you get it wrong you’ll look puffy but if you nail the way to layer you’ll stay warm and keep your style looking good without carrying all the bulk. Winter is truly here, and that means only one thing, you have to indulge and invest in the cosiest of knitwear.

A quality sweater that will fit you nicely will be one of the most flattering top layers you can wear, and it adds some extra weight if you’re a little on the skinny side and if you’re a little larger, it will streamline you. Think about it, functionally it keeps you warm, and for your style it will certainly break up your office shirt and trousers. There is such a good range of sweaters and fabrics, fit and styles, where you can keep your signature look but open your eyes to options that you may not have considered before, reflecting your individuality.

Smart casual, this is the easiest way to get a great layered look with a t-shirt and jeans, and anything you wear will look great with a neutral turtleneck sweater, rollneck sweater or a poloneck for that ultimate smart-casual look, and a pretty stylish effortless move. Go for a bolder colour if you’re wearing all one solid colour like black, burgundy is a great winter colour and you can actually wear it under another sweater if they are made of cotton for a bit of extra warmth.

Weekend, then go for a chunkier sweater-and-shirt combination that is a versatile mix, depending on what trousers you wear it works for both smart and smart-casual, making it the perfect weekend look. You can opt to wear a sweater with a t-shirt and jeans or a check shirt and corduroys if that’s your style. Good sweater made from wool and in a cable knit always gets the heads turning.

Tailored is a great way to wear a sweater that’s made from fine merino wool or cashmere, making your look pretty sophisticated with tailored trousers. Team the sweater with a suit, shirt and a v-neck sweater that ultimately will allow more room for you to make a statement with your shirt and tie.

So now that you’ve stocked up on sweaters have you thought about the ultimate pattern for a stylish sweater? Like, a cable knit? Now cable knits hit differently. Everything looks so much better as a cable knit. More stylish, elevated, interesting than your totally regular old knit. Nothing smacks of casual refinement more than a cable knit. Well…. Nothing looks richer. Pass your eyes on some of the best cable knits that money can buy, then think about your decision. We know you’ll make the right call.