How To Wear The Navy Blazer

As us gents have become more fashion savvy so have the ways in which we dress resulting in the lines between casual and formal merging to such an extent we can now step outside the fashion box without the fear of humiliation from our peers.

The traditional navy blazer is a perfect case in point; once the preserve of the office and weddings, this formal item of clothing can now be worn for all manner of occasions. Here are five of the best ways to utilise your blazer in 2016…

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Summer Days 

When those summer evenings do appear and you want something a little smarter than a sweater, the navy blazer is the ideal companion.

Of course you will want to keep the look casual so we at MFM suggest a simple block colour t-shirt, some lightweight chinos and a pair of sandals for that relaxed evening feel.

eddy box teerugger twill chinosjimmy sandals

Weekend Away

Wearing a suit blazer with a pair of jeans would have once been frowned upon and mocked but thankfully us men have wised up and it’s now the norm to pair these once contradicting items of clothing.

Perfect for the weekend getaway, team the jeans and blazer with a casual sweater and pair of hi-top trainers for the ideal weekend look.

organic jeanscollege sweatshirtwhite mono

The Artiste

Nothing quite says a man is confident in the way he dresses than bold, daring prints. By teaming those peacock colours with a navy blazer helps to add a sense of dashing while still retaining a sense of individuality.

Keep the top half of your outfit relatively print free and instead invest in a pair of coloured chinos for that perfect eccentric look.
howell shirtslauren chinosnew boat shoes

Date Night 

This look is all about keeping the suit but ditching the shirt and tie.

You don’t want to look too casual but at the same juncture you don’t want to look like you’ve just stepped out of the office.

The roll-neck sweater and a pair of loafers are the perfect pieces for this look: smart, cool and casual.

black gibsongrey topman sleevestassel loafers

The Classic

Of course there will always be a time when the suit is needed for the formal occasion and the navy blue blazer can be called upon for such an event.

Keep your shirt traditional white and your shoes smart but feel free to add a little spice to your outfit with a printed tie and pocket square.

white point shirtssilk jacquard tiebhatti brogues

Buying an investment piece, in this case the navy blazer, is not only a prudent piece of shopping, it’s a great way of saving yourself some money and ensures your wardrobe is as malleable as ever.

So before you rush out to the shops, here’s some of the best blazer for the new season…

black apcmidnight blazersbeams blazers

hommes jacketsevening jacketspetrol blazers

drizz blazersgeometric blazersrever blazers