How to Wear Red Bottom Hats

What Are Red Bottom Hats?

Red bottom hats are a type of dress hats that have a red colored underbrim. They are either fedoras, homburgs or cowboy hats and can be worn on both formal and casual occasions like parties, weddings, horse races, and so on.

These hats are usually worn in winter since they are made with wool (in contrast, spring and summer hats are usually made of straw).

Brands That Make High-Quality Red Bottom Hats

There aren’t many reputable companies making genuine red bottom hats right now. The two top brands that are similar in quality and materials used are Keith and James and Bruno Capelo.

Queen (Golden Honey) by Keith and James

Keith and James

Keith and James (founded by James Keith) started making hats in 2016 with the goal to create his own line of quality hats that would serve as a modern symbol of the cornerstones of his heritage: strength, unity, and love.

Their hats are made with pure wool and include the iconic “Circle of Love” red logo in the form of a brilliant red button meant to symbolize unity and love.

Monarch Wide Brim Red Bottom Fedora by Bruno Capelo

Bruno Capelo

Bruno Capelo is a design-driven brand with a wide range of fashionable and functional headwear at affordable prices. Their hats are made using the highest quality fibers and the most luxurious fabrics.


Red Bottom Hats in Pop Culture

Quite a few celebrities have been spotted wearing one of these high-quality men’s dress hats. Floyd Mayweather, who is said to have been the first-ever boxer to raise more than $1 billion in the ring since his fight with Conor McGregor, is often seen on social media rocking a Keith and James fedora hat.

Hats are one of the must-have accessories to complete our look. Although they are not commonly worn these days, hats can still elevate your style and aura. One of the classic pieces you should check out is the red bottom hat. Read further and find out how to rock this particular style for your next #OOTD. 

Tips and Tricks on Wearing Your Red Bottom Hats

Listed below are some tips and tricks on how you can look more stylish with red bottom hats:



It’s no secret that stylish suits and red bottom hats go together like peanut butter and jelly. The perfect hat can elevate a polished look to the heights of fashion.

Trench Coat

In a much cooler season, wearing a trench coat is the best choice. It will give you a classic, timeless look. This style is always picked as it gives you a cozy and warm feeling while walking outside. It is recommended to use your cap or hat with your trench coat.

Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is a good outfit to wear on a dinner date or in casual events. You can use it to layer your sweater or blouses in fall or winter.  Plus, the red bottom hats go with this outfit perfectly. This leather jacket will give you a calmer and sharper look as well.

Knitted Sweater 

A knitted sweater is an excellent style for both the fall and winter seasons. Pair it with long boots and a red bottom hat to look more relaxed. It is also a preferable outfit as it gives you a comfortable feeling, mostly when hanging outside with your beloved friends.



The skirt is ideal for all body types. You can choose to wear a miniskirt, pencil cut, or a high-waist skirt. Match it with your white blouse or shirt, and you are perfectly rocking your skirt outfit with your hat. 

Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is an excellent choice to pair with your favorite red bottom hat. It gives you an elegant look and character. You can also wear it in a casual or formal meeting depending on your shoes – flats or high heels.


If you are looking for a summer style, you might want to try romper. A printed red romper is the best choice to go along with your red bottom fedora hat. You can pair it with flats, but heels are another excellent option, as it helps you have a more decent posture.

Bathing Suit

A bathing suit is the first choice for the summer style season. You can ramp your toned body at the beach or the pool. Just throw your hat to cover your head, and there you go!

Style Your Red Bottom Hat

Red bottom hats can definitely improve your overall look in so many ways, but you’ll surely look cooler and more stunning when you wear them with confidence.