How To Wear Read Don’t shy away from a bold colour, go on, paint the town

Did you know that women apparently perceive men that wear red to be more significantly higher in status than wearing blue and even more significantly more attractive than green. But because red is a status symbol red is seen to be also more sexually attractive. No, we don’t believe it either! It is actually a great colour to wear with neutral colours, and especially in summer, you don’t have to go out looking like Santa Claus nor do you have to be so bright you’ll look like an old fashioned postal box.

The solution? Try focussing on one item and make that the prime object in which you inject some colour into your style and looks.We all know that you’ve probably got a red tee, but think about a dark red chore jacket,  and over a red check shirt and dark blue cardigan, finish off with indigo jeans and pristine white sneakers, and which will tone down the colour so it becomes quite subtle.  

The result can always be a refreshing take on the all-over hue, making sure that you don’t cross into ‘assault-on-the-eyes’  territory and will instantly make you look quite stylish, putting red on the map and calling it a hue of the season. The other thing to take note of, is if your wardrobe is made up of neutrals, it’s a great way to inject primary colours into your wardrobe.

A little flash of red will look great against a palette of charcoals, navy or taupe and will instantly give your style a lift. If you think about softer more mercurial tones they have a great tendency to be treacherous. If you don’t get it right. Although a seemingly bold colour, a sweater that’s bold can work for you in different ways, want it loud, wear with jeans but under a neutral or dark blazer will offset without overpowering your look.

Don’t be scared about embracing a daunting colour, you have to perfectly curate the look, but red is really quite an arresting hur that adds a punch to an otherwise tempered lok. For summer, we think it should definitely be in your wardrobe, and not worry that it won’t work with the clothes you already have.