Ever think that just sometimes you want to wear your loafers in winter, well lots of guys do, and it got us thinking, how does one wear loafers in winter?

We mean, loafers are only for sunnier climes are they not, sunny days, wear them with shorts, and billowy shirts, and you like having your ankles way on show, and there’s no need for protection from the cold or wet weather. Well, as much as we know spring is round the corner, and the weather may improve, the reality is that it’s possible to wear your loafers in winter, but you have to get the right loafers and wear the right clothes with them.

A pair of loafers made of leather that is particularly stiff is a great option and colour-wise, you want something dark like black or dark brown for the reason above, and suede should be avoided as you’ll  find the will get dirty quicker and probably end up with water-marks. if they re black leather, even better and they will conceal the water damage, if any, better than other loafers, and a wise move would be to use a shoe protection before taking them out for a stroll. Ultra-thick soles will work well, and you’ll want to get a pair that has a triple welt around the rim of the sole, as this will give you full waterproofing in our great wet weather.

Loafers are among the most often overlooked pieces of footwear, and on that note, it can often leave us wondering: do you wear socks with loafers? Yes you can. Especially in winter, just make sure they are the invisible ones, no show is the name of the game, otherwise you’ll look ridiculous!

When you have to think about what to wear with your loafers, the association is that they are preppy or too hard to pull off, but despite the stigma, loafers are exceptionally easy to take your style to the next level. So what to wear with your loafers in winter? The tasselled loafer is easily worn in great variations with clothes making it when you want to get out of wearing trainers or shoes, and due to the low profile of loafers, look great  when paired with slim cut jeans or chinos  in winter and shorts in summer. 

Try wearing a casual suit or with a blazer and your favourite jeans, as this will up your look and make you look stylish. Want to wear them to the dress down Friday at the office, try them with skinny black jeans and a decent sweater and you’ll be good to go. Anything beyond business-casual and things get a little hazy, as in more formal office settings, loafers do not really transcend into business casual attire, there’s a bit of a stigma attached to wearing them that will make formal business attire off limits for this particular shoe.