Sweatpants or joggers are always on an all-time high, from dads off-duty to college kids and well, everyday and everybody day-to-weekend slouching around. In fact they are the core tenet of streetwear and are generally the best pants to wear as a general super-chill way to get out of wearing rock-hard denim jeans or ball-busting suit trousers. And as a general rule they are as easy as hell to make look cool.

Did you just buy a pair of joggers because you need them and want to live in them, or a quick way to show off your new trainers purchase? Don’t belittle the jogger, maybe you need to re-evaluate that somewhere along the line you’re ready to make this style swerve. Even when getting dressed, you’ve gotta walk before you can jog. And really, as a general rule, guys nail the traditional trouser style, jeans, chinos and trousers before embracing something more advanced, but yes, we know the younger generation aren’t quite ready for that, yes, so it’s just a case of wearing joggers and looking like a pro.

If you want to go up a notch, go for finely tailored fleece sweats that will look great with a decent crew neck sweater or polo neck jumper and a camel overcoat, and as for jogger pants the often fabric-y-cuffed pants , the nearest cousin to sweats with them, everything from full-on tracksuit, hoodies, bomber jacket and shackets, but the joggers can be much more difficult even hazardous to get right. If you wear the wrong pair of trainers or sneakers can instantly take you from style expert to overgrown kindergartener.

It seems that most jogger pants already have youthful undertones, and don’t forget that you don’t have to reach for thin cheap versions, but look for joggers in a thicker fabric, and if you want to sport them in a khaki hue, at least try and make sure that the come with an athletic-inspired cuff.

Lastly, whatever people may say, unless you really possess some cool straight leg sweats in fine fabrics you can get away with wearing them with a shirt and jumper, cool pristine kicks or loafers will make the look sharp as hell. But if you’re wearing joggers with cuffs, then go for matching or neutral sweat shirts and again, pristine white kicks, as this is an easy way to make them look and you look sharper. Get it right and you’ll have a great put-together vibe.