How To Wear High Tops For Men

The hi-top trainer, once the preserve of New York B’ballers and Californian skate kids, has come along way from its status as a rebellious piece of sporting footwear.

Nowadays you are just as likely to see the hi-top in high-end fashion – Saint Laurent, Givenchy, ACNE and MCQ have all sent hi-top clad models down the catwalk in recent years – as you are on street kids with punk attitude and rebellion gleaming in their eyes.

With the rapid evolution and merger of sportswear and luxury fashion over the last few years, the hi-top has been able to make the gargantuan leap from the street and into the domain of designer brands quicker than Jordan could dunk; no longer is this iconic trainer just for sport, it’s just as likely to appear at fashion shows or on the feet of some of music’s biggest stars.

From the classics to the contemporary, here are a few of our current favourites strutting their stuff on hard courts and catwalks…


tops 1
Michael Jordan is not only an iconic sportsman; he is the man who led the way for brand collaborations. The Nike Air Jordan was where the first big leaps from sportswear to street style were made.

Back in the 80’s and early 90’s  – before there was ever such a thing as the internet – kids across the globe used to wait with baited breathe for a new pair of Jordan’s to hit the shelves. Nowadays you can get them at the drop of a hat but they still hold as much appeal today as they did when the great man was in his pomp.

How To Wear Jordan Hi Tops

nike air jordanmki black jacketfade pocket shirt

black sid jeanstimex watchkanken backpack


tops 2
Without doubt this is the trainer for any kid who has been able to skate, and this classic Vans hi-top still holds its appeal for men of all ages. Worn with a pair of loose fitting, high-hemmed trainers by the fasionistas or with baggy shorts, cut-off tee and a backwards baseball cap, the SK8 Hi is an undoubted classic and shall forever be in the pantheon of hi-top must haves.

Here’s how to wear them…

vans californiaremi reliefbaker lizard shorts

striped knee socksneoprene socksracer classic glasses


tops 3
While the Air Jordan thrust the hi-top upon the masses, the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star is the godfather of all hi-tops – this is where it all started.

Designed with a soft rubber sole to aid basketball players as early as 1917, the Chuck Taylor has changed little in almost a century. Worn by rock bands as much as they are sportsmen and the public at large, every man should own a pair of Chuck Taylors.

How To Wear Chuck Taylors

chuck taylorblack sandropremium shirt

lean dean jeansbronze tone circlenavy apc cardholder

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tops 4

If you happen to see anyone wearing a pair of the Common Project Achilles hi-tops, they’re either 1. Rich or 2. The coolest person you know.

Style in the 21st Century does not come cheap but if you can afford a pair of these beautiful crafted hi-tops, they are worth every penny. The man who wears these hi-tops are also likely to be wearing obscure Japanese brands and hip Scandinavian jeans so even if you envy his money, you can at least respect his attire.

mid achillestravail jacketsstussy tour tee

blue stan trouserswhite transparentebbets cap


tops 5

One from the designer brands – Comme Des Garcons have teamed up with Converse to produce this slightly daring hi-top for a whole new generation of men who may never have graced a basketball court in their lives.

This is very much a hi-top that places look and design over function and while we do not recommend you try any slam-dunks in these, we do believe they will certainly add to your street style credibility.

comme pro leathertiger mki jacketwilliams monaco

aros heavy chinosecru chunky watchbussetto cardholder

The beauty of the modern world is that it’s enabled us to bridge the gap between high fashion and street style without anyone so much as batting an eyelid; these days you’re just as likely to see a pair of hi-tops at the bottom of a suit as you are a pair of basketball shorts and vest.

You only have to look at the amount of high-end and niche brands producing hi-tops to realise this is no passing fad but a movement that encapsulates a generation of free thinkers who aren’t afraid to play with the fashion rules. If you do not already, get yourself down to one of the many trainers stores adorning the modern high street and invest in a pair of hi-tops.

To finish off, here are some more images for inspiration on how to wear the hi-top sneaker.

tops 7

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