How To Wear Christmas Jumpers

With Christmas two days away, it’s only right we highlight one of Christmas day’s guilty pleasures. I’m not talking about playing charades with your 85 year old grandma, or reliving your youth and being madly excited about the presents in store, I’m talking about that ole’ famous Christmas jumper. A few seasons ago, that Fair Isle knit jumper would be used to feed humorous comments from your family members, this season, it’s actually in trend. Patterned knitwear and coloured knitwear is something we’ve seen covered by many bloggers and magazines this season, so leading up to Christmas it’s great to actually see that guilty pleasure in trend and no longer laughable. But what’s the best way to wear that classic Christmas jumper?

Wearing it as a statement

A Christmas jumper is typically worn as a statement, making it the focal part of the look. Wearing it as the top layer is the most common way as we don’t need to layer inside (unless your central heating’s broken). Pair your patterned knit over a buttoned down shirt, buttoning to the top. Opt for a neutral coloured shirt such as a pastel colour or white. Wear with some slim fit denim or neutral coloured chinos to again contrast the patterned knitwear, making it stand out.

Wearing It Subtly

Sometimes if you don’t want the full attention, you can pair your Christmas jumper subtly into your outfit. I’ve just mentioned layering a heavyweight coat isn’t an option unless you’ve got lost your central heating. The best way is to layer an extremely light weight cardigan, draping it loosely over your shoulders. If you want to add elegance, opt for a lightweight cotton blazer, buttoning the top button of the blazer. Opt for neutral colours when lightly layering over the jumper, as you want to cancel out the statement pattern. Another alternative is to opt for a cable knit jumper, or patterned knitwear using neutral tones. It doesn’t have to be as bright as you’d imagine.

So from the team at Mens Fashion Magazine, we wish you a merry christmas and enjoy that jumper of yours…

By Paul McGregor