How To Wear Blanket Scarves For Winter

We have mentioned before how menswear is now beginning to gain momentum, climbing the mountain of ‘out of the box’ style, and we are always happy when us gents get to express ourselves further. We have also mentioned in previous articles the fact that we have all noticed the drop in temperature of late.

blanket 1

Now we love nothing more than getting under a tartan blanket with a good book and a hot drink, but it has always become a problem when we have to leave the blanket at home in order to venture outside. This is why we are so happy that the new trend of Blanket Scarves has taken the fashion world by storm, and we are seeing fashion conscious gents popping out looking spiffingly stylish adorned in these oversized pieces of fashionable winter wear.

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As far as we are aware it all started when we saw Burberry models coming down the catwalk covered in these super stylish wraps that gave them a very Dickensian essence of winter style. Then blanket scarves started cropping up in every major brand and then trickling down into the majority of high street retailers.

How To Wear It

The idea behind this piece is to wear it as casually as possible. The first option is to simply drape it over ones shoulders in a very casual, nonchalant manner. This is great if the weather is mild and there is no hint of wind at all. This way of wearing a blanket scarf is not a good idea when the winds are high because the last thing you want is to be chasing your scarf halfway down the high street.

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The preferred way of wearing this wonderful piece is to wear it like a big scarf wrapped a number of times loosely around ones neck. This gives full protection against the elements; it looks super casual and easy to wear whilst still achieving the maximum style impact of this hot new piece of menswear.

Keeping Out The Cold

Style is such an individual thing and we know you may be thinking that a blanket scarf may not be for you but here at MFM we stand by the idea that style and adventurous pieces can be worn by anyone. The blanket scarf can literally be worn with anything, and style and trend is possible because of the amount of different styles that are currently available.

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The blanket scarf is already a big hit and we can see it getting only bigger. With that we are guaranteed to be seeing a lot more choice in terms of style coming very soon. We already love a good blanket for chilling under in winter and we are thrilled that this has been incorporated into one of this seasons winter style staples.

The Products

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All Wrapped Up

When it comes down to it, we always urge our readers to brave with bold new styles and this new winter accessory is a perfect way to start. Wrap yourself up like a stylish Eskimo and head out into the cold looking super slick in this season’s hottest winter warmer. So what are your feelings on the blanket scarf? Do you already have one and wear did you get it from? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.