How To Wear A Leather Jacket Over Shorts?

Leather jackets are undoubtedly the most versatile garment that a man can own. It can be paired opposite pants, jeans, and even shorts. Although you can wear this stylish outerwear anytime of the year, especially in blistering cold weather, it’s best to avoid it during the dog days of summer because you don’t want to intensify the effects of the scorching heat of the sun. 

But does that mean you can’t wear this outfit during summer time at all? That would be an exaggeration for sure. In fact, if you’re interested in wearing leather jackets in summer, you should pair them with cotton or khaki shorts. 

But the question is: How to wear a leather jacket over shorts and make it look cool and stylish as well? This article is dedicated to making you understand that precisely. Continue reading!

Basic Guidelines on Styling Leather Jackets

Look, there are certain rules and guidelines that you need to follow when pairing shorts with a leather jacket. The tips are stipulated below:

  • Use color contrasting or color blocking techniques to ensure you bring subtlety and nuance to your overall look. 
  • Make sure you select the right color of the jacket; it’s reflective of your personality and how you generally behave in social situations. 
  • Make sure they are made from real leather because faux leather tends to rip apart in a couple of wears. 
  • Select a style and design that is comfortable and suits your requirements; smart casual or dressier outfit.
  • Match the belt and footwear with the color of the leather jacket. 

Types of Leather Jackets That Look Great with Shorts

You can wear many styles of leather jacket with shorts. The different styles of jackets that are part of the Black Friday Jacket Deal at The Jacket Maker are:

  • Aviator Jackets
  • Biker jackets
  • Hooded jackets
  • Suede jackets
  • Vintage jackets
  • Bomber jackets

The best styles of jackets that look really good with shorts are bomber and biker jackets. 

Outfit Ideas for Leather Jacket and Shorts

Thinking of wearing leather jackets over shorts? We have some ideas for you. 

  1. All Leather Outfit

You can leather up this winter and pair a black leather shirt with leather shorts and a leather biker jacket. Make sure the hardware used in this look is all metallic. This look is perfect for Fall, especially when you’re trying to make a statement. The most interesting thing about this look is that it’s the perfect amalgamation of two contrasting styles: rugged and preppy. 

  1. Preppy Shearling Look 

Another way of styling a leather jacket over shorts is by choosing a jacket with white shearling or faux fur. Wear the shearling black leather jacket with a matching turtleneck. Also, add oomph to this look by wearing black stocking or tights underneath the black leather shorts. Add chunky loafers to make it an effortlessly cool outfit. 

  1. Funky Fedora

If you’re planning to hit the beach, this outfit idea would be perfect for you. Pair a black oversized leather jacket with a printed half-sleeved button down shirt and khaki shorts in white or beige. Bring the entire outfit together with the addition of white sneakers. And of course, add an element of funk by wearing a black fedora hat. 

What Type of Top to Wear With Leather Jackets and Shorts? 

If you’re aiming for versatility, the combination of leather jackets and shorts is limitless. You can play around and create as many creative and fashion forward styles as you like. But if you’re wondering what type of tops complement this look, you are at the right place. Use plain button-down shirts, polo shirts, basic tees, turtleneck and v-neck sweaters, sweatshirts and graphic t-shirts to wear with leather jackets and shorts. 

Can You Wear A Leather Jacket over Shorts for Smart Casual Settings?

Shorts and leather jackets are the new cool. Millennials and Gen Z have changed the way we view smart casual outfits. The newer generations have a unique way of viewing what is formal and what isn’t. Their sense of style is eccentric and nonconformist. And if we go by that logic, then yes, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a leather jacket over shorts in smart casual settings. 

Shoes to Wear with Leather Jacket and Shorts

There are plenty of options to wear with a leather jacket and shorts outfit. From chunky loafers to suede ankle boots and white heeled sneakers, the choices are vast. Hence, when you’re deciding on the shoes, you must look at the entirety of the outfit and select the one that will help bring completeness to the look. 

In Conclusion 

If you’re going to create preppy cosmopolitan outfits, make sure you go for leather jackets over shorts. This is an extremely versatile combination of clothes for men; recommended for a flamboyant and over the top look.