When we come out of slightly warmer weather like spring and start to go into, hopefully, hotter weather with summer, it should be a casual one, and if you are fashion savvy, you can use some of the winter clothes in your wardrobe to your best advantage. It needn’t seem like a challenge, as you’ll find that a lot of your winter clothes are still great to combine with most of your summer gear, combine the two for warmer days and colder days with a little bit of good layering if the weather catches you out.

Obviously as the weather gets warmer you will find that layering will reintroduce itself as a key element, in function and form as well. The cross-over from spring-to-summer should be approached the same way as if you’re going in autumn, so going for spring colours and materials and putting away any heavy scarves for lighter ones like silk, or a lightweight cotton, and jackets  for your outer layering.

Get out your accessories and make sure that they coincide with the season, hats, that keep out the sun, loafers, sunglasses and even those lightweight bags for work or when you need one casually as it’s the materials that will dictate the practicality with fashion.

If you’re not  ready to go all neutral, you know all white, beige and cream, you can wear darker colours, but not those that will drag you down, earthy green, lighter blues, and burgundy, if you mix them with slightly lighter colours like greys and tan in between, then hopefully when we have a our summer heatwave, go grab those chalky shades and pastels, and colours that are spring like and summer bright. These colours will lighten up your look and hopefully your wardrobe.

Look for this season’s trends not only in fashion but fabrics. Linen, great for hot days, go for shirts that are billowy, even line drawstring trousers, or shirts. Plain cotton T-shirts, that come in an array of colours, and will go with anything on the bottom, and are great for a bit of layering under a shirt. Grab a utility jacket for a lightweight jacket.

Let’s hope it’s hot this summer.