Are you dreading that big day round at the family’s house, when really you’d rather be at home with a crate full of beers and rewinds of FIFA football. So here’s some advice: don’t.

So it’s ahhhh, here comes Christmas! The season to be jolly, round at you mum and dads, all the family, but maybe not so jolly after all. But as you get older sometimes it’s difficult to want to spend time there, you know, you have a new girlfriend, or you want to have a quiet Christmas with your best mate,  slob out in front of the TV, who’s in the same predicament as you, drink beers or wine, eat chocolate or pizzas and basically not have a care in the world, or  maybe a beach vacation in the Maldives…. But it still will be Christmas, so guys, let it go.

It certainly can be a difficult time at Christmas, if your used to living as a single male, in a house or flat that’s neat and modern, with all the mod cons, slick equipment and appliances, to going to your parents, with your siblings and probably their kids where for 36 hours it’s chaos and pandemonium. But this holiday season, remember that whoever you are spending time with is probably trying to do or say what they think is for the best at that very moment. Just because we think we know better, they should too, and ultimately we are all doing the best we can in a situation we may not like, so we just have to grin and bear it. 

Depending on how many siblings you have and nieces and nephews, and how old they are, it can all become stressful. So de-personalise, and don’t take things personally, try a different mantra, if you have an argumentative sibling, envy is not a good trait and if you’re successful, that might be one reason for a bit of back-biting. Remember, it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them, just rise above it.

Family may be tricky, but the fact is you are lucky to have them and spend time with those you love, albeit just for a couple of days. If you have different opinions, have a debate and throw in some laughter, be grateful, parents don’t last forever, so be grateful, life is precious, time is precious, just enjoy everything you have, It changes everything. 

And buy decent presents.