How To Style The Quiff Hairstyle

Every time we put out a hair article it always gets a good response, so today we wanted to focus solely on a timeless, classic cut… the quiff.

What should you ask for and how do you style it? We’ve got it all covered in todays feature.

The Quiff Hairstyle

Since the 1950’s the quiff has risen in popularity and with various spin offs from the original style leading trends over the past few years it’s a hairstyle that’s here to stay.

From Elvis to David Beckham, celebrities have inspired the popularity of the Quiff throughout the past few decades. A platform for us to take inspiration from and implement into our every day style.

As we mentioned recently in our ‘How To Choose A New Hairstyle‘ article opting for a classic, timeless cut is a wise choice.┬áThe quiff is also extremely versatile, making it the perfect cut for casual and formal attire.

To keep it classic, you’ll want to opt for a shorter length on the back and sides than on the top. This creates that contrast and draws attention towards the quiff.

hairstyle 1

Again, the length is up to you. If you’re a busy guy who rushes out of the house in the mornings, keeping the length shorter and more manageable is your best bet. The longer it is on top the more you have to work with in terms of styling but at the same time it also typically takes longer to manage.

A more contemporary approach sees the sides and back being cut shorter, creating a more dramatic contrast from the length on top and again highlighting the quiff.

hairstyle 2

How To Style The Quiff

Styling is the most important part, and it’s how we prepare the hair which makes it easier.

Again you have full control over what style you want to achieve, and if you’ve gone for length on top this is where you can add volume and texture.

Step 1. Wash and then towel dry your hair.

Step 2. Apply a wet styling product or we’d recommend ‘Salt Spray’ to your hair. Apply the product brushing/combing the fringe back and evenly distributing across the rest of your hair.

Step 3. Blow dry your hair. This step is the most important step a lot of people neglect. Choose a mid to high temperature to avoid and brush the hair back in sync with the direction of the air flow. You can either brush straight back or brush slightly to one side and also blow dry the rest of your hair in to place. Spend more time on the front of your hair and the quiff, and when dry you’ll notice the style starting to take place.

Step 4. Apply product to get your desired finish.

Step 5. Optional, but blowdrying again on the lowest temperature after applying the product will help with volume.

Step 6. If necessary apply hair spray to go for extra hold.

Styling Products

If you’re looking to get that polished look opt for a Matte Clay or a Pomade. Only use a small amount and evenly distribute through your hair.

If you’ve followed steps 1 to 3 correctly you shouldn’t need to use a lot of product to get the desired look. It should just be about shaping and applying final details.

Here’s some products we recommend to pull off the Quiff.

deluxe pomadefuko claymation

moudler hairbonduppercut matt

quiff rollersalt spay

Give It A Go

It really is a classic, timeless hairstyle that any man can pull off. With so many different takes on the original quiff experiment with it.

Any questions on how to pull it off simply leave a comment below. Or if you want to share some advice, feel free to do so!