How To Straighten Your Teeth

Rewind to 3 years ago…

I’m sat there at home debating whether I should do something with my teeth.

My teeth never really bothered me before, and even though they obviously weren’t the straightest (or cleanest) it was something that didn’t really knock my confidence.

As a naive teenager I got offered braces for free (as most kids do). My decision? To say no. I had a huge ego back then, and nothing was going to ruin my coolness more than train tracks on my teeth.

At the time, the decision was a wise one. I remained cool whilst other kids got called ‘brace face’ and walked around with the baked beans from their school dinners lodged between their brace and teeth.

Time went on and as I started to enter more of a professional market, I realised I was one of the only ones with a crooked smile.

These were the guys that decided to drop the ego early on and accept braces, leaving them with straight teeth and a handsome smile. Where I was left regretting the decision to be cool back in my teens.

I decided to make a change, straightening and whitening my teeth.

Here’s the result…

teeth before after

How did I do it?

Important: This isn’t a sponsored post. Just a personal story on how I straightened my teeth.

Save time, watch the video…

My Invisalign Review

A trip to my Dentist in Massapequa gave me a chance to ask him about straightening my teeth and improving my style. I was offered braces, starting with the typical ‘train track’ style braces and then showed Invisalign.

My ego wasn’t going to take a dent in my teens so it certainly wasn’t going to take a dent in my early adulthood, so I swayed more towards the idea of Invisalign as it was a more subtle way of straightening your teeth.

The cost widely differed though, but the results I saw from previous clients were remarkable and my brother at the time had just started with Invisalign.

The process was pretty painless, with a mould being taken of my teeth and a visual representation of how they could look after shown to me before agreeing.

Invisalign is a series of clear retainers that you wear on your teeth. You change to a new retainer every 10-14 days, with the retainer gradually moving your teeth into place.

invisalign on

Is it 100% clear? No. But you have to be pretty observant to see the brace when it’s being worn.

The overall process took about 18 months, and I was offered free teeth whitening after everything had been completed.

Invisalign Advantages

What are the benefits of using Invisalign to straighten your teeth?

* Hardly noticeable. You can straighten your teeth without worrying about people calling you ‘brace face’.

* Have your say. With Invisalign you can straighten just one tooth, the top/bottom set or even your full set of teeth.

* Easy to wear. They simply just slip onto your teeth and after a while you very rarely notice you’re wearing them.

* Long term benefits. Once completed you’ll have those straight teeth forever.

* You keep your own teeth. No teeth replacements or golden ‘nashers’, you’ll be left feeling yourself.

Invisalign Disadvantages

What are the downsides of using Invisalign?

* They can hurt. It’s not an unbearable pain, but your teeth are being moved. Expect some discomfort.

* Not 100% invisible. A wise eye could spot that you’re wearing them.

* No eating or drinking. It’s recommended that you wear them for 22 hours of the day. Every time you eat or drink, you’ll need to take them out.

* The first week is the worst. I had Invisalign for 18 months, it seemed like forever the first time I wore them.

* Other additions may be needed. I had to have small bumps added to a few of my teeth, an elastic band (for a month) and a wire placed behind my teeth. Again, nothing really to worry about but these can affect the ‘invisibility’ of the brace.

If you’re looking to straighten your teeth you of course have other options (with veneers being the obvious one) so it’s advised to speak with your Dentist/Orthodontist about the options you have.

The Importance of Good Teeth

I’ve mentioned this in grooming videos before but your dental hygiene plays a huge part in your overall appearance. Sure you could dress well, moisturise daily and take care of your hair but people pay a lot of attention to your teeth.

A good smile can instantly improve your appearance, and a good set of teeth play a bit part in a good smile.

I mean here’s how I smiled before my brace…


Here’s how I smiled after…


If you want to find out more about Invisalign contact your local dentist or Orthodontist or check out their official website here.

So what do you think?

How important are teeth?

Have you straightened yours?

Comment below and let me know.

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