How to Steal the Rock Star Look

Few styles are as effortlessly cool as the rocker look. Musicians- from icons like Prince to newcomers like Machine Gun Kelly are as well known for their style as they are for their tunes. 

You may not have a room full of vintage acoustic electric guitars, but that shouldn’t stop you from dressing like you do.  If you’re interested in adding a bit of edge to your wardrobe, consider picking up the following pieces.


Graphic tees

A cool-looking graphic can elevate a normal basic t-shirt into a statement piece. On the other hand, if the image is too generic or poorly designed, it can make the entire outfit look juvenile. 

In general, avoid tee with garish logos or band names. Instead, go for tees with simple designs and muted colors. This ups the sophistication factor while maintaining the casual vibe you’re going for. 

Bold Prints

A thoughtfully-selected all-over pattern can show off your sense of style. Some of the most stylish examples include nature-based patterns, like leaves, flowers, or animal prints. 

Combining a bold print with a more formal piece, like a dress shirt, gives an outfit a slightly rebellious edge that captures the essence of the rock-and-roll look. 


If your idea of rock style leans towards 90’s grunge, then the classic plaid flannel makes the perfect cornerstone for your wardrobe. You can stay true to the era by wearing your flannel slightly oversized, or go for a more fitted and modernized version. 

Either style looks great layered over a neutral basic tee or under a denim jacket.


Skinny jeans

While they are not meant for everyone, skinny jeans are highly popular amongst musicians. If you want to go for the skin-tight look, jeans mixed with elastane give a bit of stretch.

Otherwise, a pair of tapered denim can offer the same silhouette with less discomfort. 

Skinny jeans pair well with almost any top, just make sure your proportions are aligned. Keep tops loose, but not baggy. If you wear a thicker material, such as a sweatshirt or sweater, avoid oversized cuts.


These versatile bottoms, and their cousins the cargo pant, add a bit of ruggedness to an outfit. Since the athleisure aesthetic took off several years ago, designers now offer joggers in a range of materials and fabrics. 

You can prevent joggers from looking too casual by sticking to a narrow, neutral color palette, and adding stylish footwear. Opt for tailored, tapered cuts to pull together an even more sophisticated look. 

Dark Denim

Dark-wash jeans are perfect for dressing up or down. For the most cutting-edge look, go for slim or skinny fit jeans.  If you’re a bit more adventurous with your style, you can swap dark denim for a pair of leather pants. 



This gymwear staple can look very fashionable when layered over slim bottoms and a button down. Fitted hoodies also pair well with a cropped jacket.

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are the epitome of cool rocker style. Biker jackets, with their asymmetrical, contrasting zippers and tailored waists, look amazing with dark denim or structured joggers. 

If you prefer a more streamlined style, look for slim-fit jackets with rounded collars.


The jackets come in a variety of styles and colors, but share the same signature features; a cropped shape paired with stretchy contrasting fabrics on the waist, wrists, and collar.

Layer bombers over a hoodie for a casual but down-to-earth look. If you want to smarten up your outfit, go for a bomber in a luxe material like suede. 


Ankle boots

As the top of these boots hug the lower half of your shin, they make the perfect accessory for slim or skinny fit denim. There are multiple styles to choose from. Tailored chelsea boots have a low but thick sole and a mixture of stretchy fabric and leather. 

Chunky lace-up Dr. Martens can add a traditional punk vibe to virtually any outfit. 

Slip ons

These laceless wonders are easy to wear and make a casual outfit look more polished. You can find slip ons in any material, from canvas to leather. Classic checked black and white Vans are a staple in any true rocker’s wardrobe. 


If you’re going for the rock-and-roll look, modern sneaker styles offer the most suitable silhouette for your outfit. Unlike traditional sports sneakers, modern sneakers are understated. Styles like the sock sneaker, which combines the aesthetic of an athletic sock and a chunky sole, can add an extra oomph to a pair of joggers or tapered dark denim.