How To Roll Your Shirt Sleeves

Sounds like a pretty basic skill right? Every man knows how to roll their sleeves.

We thought that too until we saw the the amount of daily searches it gets online.

You see there isn’t just one way to roll your shirt sleeves and we wanted to highlight 4 simple but stylish folds.

* Neat trick – Watch the video in half speed if it’s too fast for you.

No time? Watch as I show you 3 shirt sleeve rolls in less than 90 seconds.

1. The Easy Roll

The first is really easy. It’s a relaxed and formal roll to your sleeves which you can use to also reveal some of your inner cuff. See the explanation of the video over here.

Firstly pull your unbuttoned cuff all the way up to just above your elbow and fold the button up to meet the cuff. Then tuck the cuff and excess fabric into the roll you just created.

shirt sleeve roll 1

2. The Neat Roll

The Second roll gives a low neat silhouette but it’s a little tighter around the forearms so it may not be the best for the guys who hit the gym frequently.

With the button on the sleeve (not the cuff) done up roll over the depth of the cuff using its height as a guide, once then twice making it sure its flat and smooth against your arm especially around the sides as it can bunch up.

This should sit snuggly around your forearm just below the elbow.

shirt sleeve roll 2

3. The Relaxed Roll

For those of you who prefer their shirts a little more relaxed or a more endowed in the lower arm department this one is for you.

Exactly the same as the previous roll only with the button on the sleeve undone. So let’s again rollover the depth of the cuff using its height as guide twice making sure its flat and tucked in all the way around.

shirt sleeve roll 3

4. The Slim Roll

The final roll this one is little tighter and slimmer than the earlier reference. Fold the cuff over itself so it’s half the depth of the cuff. Keep rolling in this manner ensuring it’s tucked in neatly and smooth all the way around after every roll.

This is the more casual roll we think its suits best above the elbow even to T-shirt height adding a more rugged look to any shirt.

shirt sleeve roll 4

Get Rolling

So there we have it, 4 simple ways to roll your shirt sleeves.

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