How To Reinvent Your Style

Whether you want to completely change your style, or simply enhance the things your Momma gave you, there is no better time to reinvent your style with the turn of the new year. Reinvention has always been a major tool in the fashion world, but this does not mean that you have to create an entirely new wardrobe overnight.

reinvention 001

While we all have some items which we never wear (and some which we should never wear again), there are always those favourite pieces that are sentimental and timeless to us. So, rather than becoming a different person altogether, our advice is to slowly test the waters and see what works for you with regard to (re)invention.


This might come in the form of a good haircut, the purchase of a new suit or introducing colour into your daily fashion choices. You can always build around some of the existing pieces you own or, if your wardrobe is truly a cry for help, you can explore the array of designers out there and decide which one speaks to you.

In the world of men’s fashion, or fashion altogether as women are certainly not exempt from this, we all have similar views and concepts of what fashion should be and insist on applying certain fashion myths to our ideas of what fashion works. But here’s the thing, it is arguable to note that certain fashions, trends, styles (whatever you want to call them) are not universal and can, even in the most unlikely places, work for some people.

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So while we advise you to take baby steps if you’re about to embark on a complete reinvention, we do not advise you to play it safe either as it can be exhilarating to try something new and bold; swapping your black pullover for a Givenchy or Liberty London print might be the very thing your wardrobe needs. In this article, we will take you through a number of steps in which you can transform your ordinary fashion choices into some stylish looks that will last you all year long.

1. Wardrobe Detox

A good ol’ spring clean might be just the thing to kick start your new year. Be ruthless and get rid of those jeans that you’ll never wear again. But be careful! If you find yourself creating a “maybe pile”, invite a few friends around and get a second opinion. We don’t want you to regret tossing away something that could have been saved.

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After you’ve ticked that off your to-do list, why not treat yourself to something, whether this is a new pair of shoes or some knitwear – after all, it will still be cold for another few months. Try some of these transition picks – they will keep you warm and dry but get you in the SS14 mood with these sky-coloured hues.

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2. Mop Chop

A new hair cut can do wonders. Take notice of styles in magazines and on the street, but again, be careful as not every style will look good on you. The rise of the quiff over the past couple of seasons remains with us into the new year, shown by designers such as Bottega Veneta, but now also comes the more edgy boy cut showcased in the SS14 collections of Louis Vuitton and Calvin Klein.

reinvention 004

Fringes are best kept away from oval-shaped faces as they can make your face appear rounder than it is. For square-shaped faces, most styles are fine. If you want to enhance your shape, whether you have a strong jaw line or prominent cheek bones, avoid a centre parting and keep it short. Finally, for those of you with round-shaped faces, you want to keep your hair off your face so lots of height will help with that, and those with diamond-shaped faces usually suit longer styles and/or a sweeping fringe.

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3. Base Notes

We’ve discussed what it takes to initially take the plunge, but what if you’re happy with your style and just want to add to your wardrobe? Well, you’re lucky ones if you have a hair style which works and a number of key items that can be stylishly anchored with most things.

reinvention 005

If you fit into the above description, you might simply want to refine your style by adding some of these award-winning products to your daily life; whether you want to alter your grooming routine or go for a new fragrance; I’ve recently been treated to Voyage d’Hermès over Christmas and implore anyone to find a more fresh yet subtle fragrance! But just remember, spray only once and each wrist and never directly onto your face, clothes or chest.

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As you’ll have already thought, a change of attitude goes a long way to help your wardrobe. Reinvention can be a huge psychological task for some of us, so treat this change with caution. It is always good to ask your friends, but it may also help to go into a store and ask for some professional advice. It’s nice to have friends, but they might sugar-coat the truth and we want you to be looking your best; even if this means a bit of tough love this year!