How To Propose As A Man

Popping that all important question can be a daunting task.

Will she say yes? Will she appreciate the way you did it? Will she like the ring?

With multiple reasons why it may go wrong it’s no surprise some men leave it so long.

Therefore we wanted to highlight a few tips to make proposing easier, alongside getting a ‘yes’ as the answer.

1. Make It Personal

Just because some dude on TV proposed to his girlfriend in front of 50,000 fans in a stadium doesn’t mean you have to. In fact your girlfriend may dread the idea of a public proposal.

Every girl has a different vision of how she wants to be proposed so it’s important to ask subtle questions to find out how.

No Google search for ‘how to propose to your girlfriend’ will create any personalised results for you. Use advice as inspiration but always implement something personal to them.

There’s no point arranging to swim with Dolphins and getting the Dolphin to swim the ring to her if she can’t swim or she wanted a touch of luxury.

Make the proposal personal.

2. Look Your Best

Even if it’s a home proposal look the best you possibly can.

Freshen up, dress up and show her the man she’s about to marry.

Again dependent on the occasion it’s up to you how formal or casual you go, but you never want to propose with no effort applied whatsoever.

This article should help.

confidence style

3. Do Your Ring Research

The ring you choose shows her how much you’ve been listening. The ring you present really needs to wow her.

Although a lot of girls won’t admit their answer will be based on the ring you present, failing to give her the gift she desires will make her question how much you truly know her.

Again ask questions subtly leading up to the proposal and ask her best friends and family for advice.

Here’s an article offering advice on choosing the right engagement ring.


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