How to Nail the Casino Croupier Dress Code

While the dress code for guests at casinos has become less formal and restrictive over the years, the dress code followed by croupiers remains largely the same, with one or two adjustments.

Once upon a time, an evening at the casino would require full black or even white tie, with tails for the men and ballgowns for the ladies. The dealers would be similarly clad, with men in smart suits and often bow ties, and women wearing black cocktail dresses. Fashions have changed, but the dress code of the croupier has remained largely the same. 

Source: Pexels

Brick and Mortar Casinos

Although you will still find guests in ‘casino black tie’ in many establishments, most brick and mortar casinos will admit guests in ‘smart casual’ or ‘business casual’ dress, i.e. no tracksuits, trainers, or scruffy or otherwise undesirable clothing. Yet you will usually find the croupiers still dressed in their suits or cocktail dresses. This commitment to sartorial elegance projects an image of quality and aspiration. In the 1998 film Croupier, starring Clive Owen, the title character wears full black-tie while many guests wear far more casual attire.

This rule still applies. The uniform is smart and professional but unobtrusive. Unless the casino has a particular dress code that includes the brand’s colours, for example, the croupier should reflect industry standards. They should be identifiable by their station and perhaps a discreet name tag but not stand out on the casino floor.

Often, croupiers prefer to wear a black waistcoat rather than a suit jacket, or a black tie and braces with a white shirt. This is largely to free their arms to perform their job more ably and ensure they do not overheat on what can be long shifts. Similarly, many female croupiers may feel more comfortable opting for black trousers and waistcoats with a white shirt rather than the traditional cocktail dress.  

As with any outfit, it is the details that make or break the look. Ensure your suit is good quality and fits well. You should wear smart black dress shoes or boots with black socks. If you do wear a jacket, a subtle pocket square may also be part of your uniform in a more formal casino. In years gone by, visors and aprons formed key aspects of the croupier dress code, but most casinos no longer expect their dealers to wear these items.

Source: Pexels

Live Casino Croupiers

On any of the best USA online casino sites, you will notice the live dealers are, for the most part, dressed in the kind of smart attire described above. Depending on the game and the studio it is being broadcast from, you may see some deviations. Male croupiers may wear coloured bowties, ties, and waistcoats, while female croupiers may dress in red, gold, or even white dresses. The exception to these rules would be the newer ‘game show’-style live casino titles, which may have live dealers dressed as game show hosts. This may translate to sparkles or brighter colours or even costumes reflecting characters from the game. The heat from studio lights means live casino dealers may be more comfortable sans jacket, and many of the women’s dresses will be short and sleeveless.

Unless you are given a specific dress code, follow the timeless style of the classic croupier, with a smart black three-piece suit, crisp white shirt, and smart black dress shoes.  You will look and feel professional and represent your employer to the highest standard.