How to Match Your Glasses With Your Outfit

Whether we care to admit it or not, many of us are not entirely comfortable with wearing glasses. This can be down to a myriad of reasons or just a personal taste you have when critically analysing your look. 

Many don’t think too long about how their glasses look or at the very least don’t take the time to consider what works best in terms of an outfit, when paired with the glasses you choose to wear.

Most of us have a few pairs of glasses and as such you have the ability to match accordingly and indeed when you are out shopping, for either glasses ,be that clear glasses or a variety of different types of eyeglass frames, or your next suit, you should pay close attention to how your look is complemented, or not, by the two in unison.

To help you stay on the right side of the good fashion line, here are a few helpful tips when it comes to matching your glasses to your outfit.

Check Your Wardrobe

Most of us have a style and pretty much all of us know what colors we wear well. If you know what your ideal colors are, work on making the right decision when it comes to your choice of glasses.

For instance, if you opt for one color tone, perhaps dark blues or black, go for more colorful tones. This will help both elements ‘pop’. If you are the kind of person who is gregarious enough to be colorful with your clothing choices, then a more reserved darker frame. This will help to rein in your overall look. 

Dress for the Occasion

Dressing for the occasion is a golden rule of fashion and is clearly also a maxim to follow when matching your eyewear choice with your clothing style. If you are dressing for work or a crucial meeting then you should opt for rimless frames thus completing a ready to talk business look.

If you are out partying then ladies may look to go that extra mile, taking a risk or two, with oversized frames, maybe even with a dash of color, and if you are feeling particularly daring match the frames to the base color of your wardrobe choice of the moment.

Match Your Glasses to Your Skin Tone

As well as making choices that help pair your glasses to your fashion choices, you should also look to make sure your eyewear matches your skin tone, in many ways this could be even more crucial.

We all have a skin tone but we perhaps don’t think about it too much. There are warm and cool skin tones and depending on where you fit on the spectrum, you should make sure your glasses work in tandem with your skin tone type.

Stay Seasonal

Take note of the seasons, and the relevant climate, when putting together your ensemble as that’s going to be crucial all year round. If your winter look has you dressed up head to toe in wooly and beefy clothing then help to score some fashion points with a jaunty set of eyeglass frames that will help lift your mood and give you additional fashion points. 

Similarly in the summer your outfit will be looser and more sparing and as such your cute outfit may be better served with glasses frames that have pizazz, such as opting for a marble or tortoise shell look.

Increase the Chances of a Perfect Match

The cost of glasses, even prescription lenses, are very competitively priced in 2021 and as such you can afford to have more than one pair to hand. In order to increase the chances of making the right impression, you should look to have a few options to hand.

Maybe get yourself three sets. One may be more for home, a relaxed and durable pair for the bumps and drops that tend to occur. Another could be sleek and stylish for your work day, so these are for daily use but they are a cut above your home wear selection. Finally a third pair can be the truly ‘out there’ option that is for evening wear and special occasions. 

The more choices you have the more likely you are to avoid a potential fashion disaster.

Add Accessories to Give Further Expression to Your Outfit

So you’ve got the perfect glasses, with the ideal color and frame type, and they go ideally with what you are wearing and you feel like a million dollars. You can now go and take that extra leap. 

Bring more character to your look with some nice accessories. Some nice jewelry, which doesn’t clash with your glasses, or maybe a head scarf or tote bag which helps to bring out your skin tone? 

This is very much the finishing touch that can make a good outfit choice into a truly great one and this is a chance to really express yourself. So don’t hold back!