How To Master The Black Tie Look

With the festive season well and truly upon us, it’s vital at this time of year to get your attire just right. For those who have an exquisite function to attend over the Christmas or just wishing to brush up on knowledge about formal attire – we have an inspiration guide for you to feast your eyes on.

MFM love the party season and planning the perfect winter wardrobe for those extra special engagements and we know that it’s not always an easy task to go shopping for something specific at this time of year. Whether it’s a formal occasion nearing New Year; we have the essentials covered for you to look and feel great.


When given the task of dressing to impress you must first think of the fundamental shopping factors when it comes to choosing a whole new outfit especially if it’s formal.

blacktie 1

A well cut suit follows a good quality shirt, bow tie etc – you don’t want to get caught out by wearing an old shirt that’s in dire need of a dry clean and is a bit worn. When purchasing a new suit think of the whole package, it’s important that your look flows and is complimented by its counterparts.

blacktie 2

Think about the cut, colour and style of the suit, don’t panic by the most convenient at hand. If you’re not sure after you’ve tried it, chances are after buying you won’t wear it again. Be sure to size up lots of different options online and in the shops – then decide on your favourite.

blacktie 3

Investing in a suit that’s a high quality and stature will carry you through the next few years or even a lifetime if you choose well. Spending a little more than you would usually part with will essentially pay off in the long-term.

However, with so many choices in the shops today you don’t always have to take a chunk out of your wallet in order to buy something decent.

blacktie 4

Black tie can look classic and effortless if you follow these simple tips, remember it’s all about being understated and not over-doing the formal attire. Have a gander at these top suit combos…

berluti tuxedotopman black skinnytuxedo asos

byard blend suitskingham jacketsbonham black trousers

Shirt Up

blacktie 5

As mentioned earlier, opting for just the right shirt to accompany your suiting is pretty important. Look for something simple but of high quality – white is your best bet for black tie. However if you can compromise on the colour, choose from any shade on the spectrum.

cotton reverse shirtsivory classic shirtsharness cuff shirts

light grey tailoredplaint poplin blackmargiela shirts

Time For The Shoes

You can tell a lot from a guy’s shoes, especially at a formal event. Whether you opt for the traditional brogue, contemporary derby or are looking for a more quirky style– we’ve got some great picks to share with you …

blacktie 6

Selecting a brown or tan shoe with a dark suit will actually add an interesting edge to your look. Don’t be afraid to try out some different variations in colour and finishes. Or simply stick to black if that’s your game – with black or navy suiting.

toecap shoesgiovanni shoesisaac geigers

moore smith shoesmens okinineoprene martin shoes


blacktie 7

Don’t forget the extra details by adding print, texture and colour to tie your whole look together. Patterned and coloured bow ties look great when worn with a classic dark suit, try it out.

moss bow tiesbow polka tiesbow classic tie

polo player tievintage asos tierabbit silk ties

One Last Note…

Shopping for a black tie for a formal occasion we’ll admit is a bit of a mammoth task in itself. However if you follow these style steps you’ll be most of the way there and you’ll instinctively know what outwear and other accessories look good.

Here at MFM we hope we have given you the heads up for creating a formal festive look this season; whether you have a work Christmas do on the horizon or are celebrating in style. Enjoy the party season while it lasts!